Favorite things- Creating an indoor snow storm


Sometimes you just have to embrace the season & bring the outdoors in.  Showing you some ways to create a BLiZZaRD inside your home using things you probably already have.  I'm especially in the mood for some white stuff around since there is absolutely none on the ground outside.  We are having a weird, wacky December in Utah.  Record highs & no snow, so far anyway.  I'm sure it's on it's way, I hope. 

-Snowflake ornaments are fun to put out on display this time of year!- 
The best part about all the ideas I'm going to show you is that they won't melt!  They look as clean, white & sparkly as the real stuff but you can keep it around for a good long winters nap. I'm giving you some ideas to create a winter wonderland in your home just by looking in your pantry, cupboards & craft room, how about that!  

 Create snowy scenes with marshmallows tucked into a tall glass jar {one with a cute handle like this is a bonus- picked up this beauty in Texas earlier this year} pour some cups of all purpose flour into a canning or pickle jar.  Create a woodland scene with some fake snow flakes, a bottle brush & a little deer.  Found this darling felt one at the craft store. 

I put all kinds of glass jars, bottles & canning jars on my kitchen sink ledge during the wintertime.  Gives me something cute to look at all winter long.  Get creative!  If you need some glass jars, clean out your fridge & see what you have.  That is a great place to look if your canning jars are all filled up for the winter.  Plus, you'll have a clean fridge too! 

 This tall vintage Ball canning jar is filled up 1/2 way with just good old sugar.  Like how it glistens in the light too, if you want a bit more sparkle fill a jar with white glitter, that always looks so pretty!  Stacks of sugar cubes look cute too.  Something a bit different but just as sweet.  
{use some embroidery thread to wrap a little cube up with a bow, for added sweetness} 

This next idea was my island centerpiece last year.  Can't wait to set it up all again this year after Christmas is all put away.  This year I'm going to do something a little different, stay tuned.  I'll share pics! I created this snowy scene with just a few bags of flour, little bags come in all colors at the store, so cute. Then I just poured flour all over the bags, my old creeper {so many uses for this thing, I LoVE it!}  & among the bottle brush trees to create some mounds of snow.  
 Such a simple & fun project!  It will such to be the centerpiece of your table, island & a conversation piece for all who enter your kitchen. 

 I recently had the opportunity, with a few other friends, to decorate for a big Christmas dinner/party for our church.  We created a snowy mountain scape for the dessert table.  Since we live in the mountains we thought we would celebrate it!  

It was so simple to make & looked so good with platters & plates of cookies & sweets nestled into the "snow"  We started by putting boxes, of all shapes & sizes, on the table & then just draped & draped it with white table cloths, sheets of fake snow & sprinkled fake snow around the trees.  It was the focal point of the night, everyone loved it! 

If you're looking for more ways to bring the outdoors in this wintertime.  Be sure to check out TaDa Home Decor's January collection.  It is so chilly, calming to look at & so charming!  To order visit their website.  
-Fun to make my H&H #1's for this collection!  Such a fun thing to have out every January to welcome in the New Year- 
Question of the day?- Are you an outdoor person during the winter or would you rather stay inside?  

Whatever your answer is to the question above, hope I've given you some ideas to celebrate what you love to play outdoors in or bring it inside & enjoy the view.  
*WiNNER of the frame announced tomorrow!  PLUS, another GiVEAWAY coming on Saturday, you won't want to miss it!



Candice said...

I love this! I'm going to make more snow jars and put them in my windowsill!!

Suzzie Bradshaw said...

Living in the desert, I'm pretty much an outdoor person during the winter. My favorite season is Fall, and I try to take a trip to Northern Utah every October to see the beautiful leaves. I love the painted mason jars for winter and will have to do that for my own home. Thanks for the great ideas of the trees inside the jars with "snow"! Love it!

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

We are having unseasonably warm temps here in CO too--it's supposed to be 65 tomorrow! Now, I wouldn't mind 65 in January or February but right now, I want snow for Christmas! There is a snowstorm forecast for Sunday and I'm pretty excited.

I love that table you showed for the church dinner. I pinned it to remember--what a great idea! I bet it looked fantastic.