My Favorite things- Vintage Wreaths

  Hello...... December!  
Let the counting down begin!  So excited for a fresh start & a beautiful new month to look forward too. Lots of tradition, family time, entertaining, baking, singing & celebrating will fill the next 31 days.  

This December I thought it would be fun to do something a bit different than what I've done in the past.  Usually I take you on a picture tour of our home all decked out for the Holidays but this year I wanted to do it by showing you a few of my favorite things.  
{Which, just happens to be one of my favorite songs too} 

So for the next 12 days I'm going to introduce to you each day a favorite thing I love to collect, decorate with & just plain enjoy having around for the holidays. So please check each day, leave a comment or two & hopefully you'll be inspired to.  At the end of the 12 days I'm going to announce a fun GiVEAWAY to wrap it all up. So don't miss it! 

Day 1 of My Favorite Things- Vintage Wreaths
They are my latest collection obsession.  
{I also include vintage candle rings in this collection too. Remember those?} 
Since wreaths are usually the first thing to go up when the Christmas decorating begins, I thought we'd start here.  

The more old, covered in glitter, made of thick plastic or bottle brush material, the better.  Simply charming!  Oh, these just make my heart happy & makes me wonder why things aren't made the way they used to be.  The colors of the vintage beads & ornaments are just too much.  Amazingly adorable!  I've started displaying these by bundling them all together & hanging them up in our mudroom.  Just a delightful way to welcome friends & family into our home & a subtle way to say that the Holidays are here. 
- A few of my collection.  The vintage candle rings remind me of my childhood.  We used to have some in our house.  They just look so similar to a wreath shape that I've decided to be on the look out for them too- 

Each year when I get out the boxes & boxes of Christmas decor {I have way too much stuff!}  I try to arrange things differently & set up in a new spot.  This year our nativity collection got placed a little differently on my creeper in the front entry with stacked candles on vintage weight wheel coasters all around & a few of my candle rings nestled in too. Love the way it turned out. 

Such a fun way to decorate & challenge yourself a bit to think out of the box, brake away from the traditional way you've always done things.  A bit of a thrill, give it a try! 

Question of the day:  What's on your front door? What kind of wreath or decor to you put out to welcome friends & family into your home for the Holidays? 

-Just had to show off this beauty one more time.  Dug it out of a box in the upstairs of an antique store this summer.  Been waiting a long time to put it out on display.  Oh, memories of days gone by.  Simply adore it!- 
Thanks for stopping by!  Sorry, I have been neglecting my blog just a bit.  I promise to do better.  Looking forward to the next 12 days to get me back on track. Have a wonderful day! 



Suzzie Bradshaw said...

I love decorating in groupings on my walls! The more I can cover my wall up, the better! Love the idea of all the wreaths!

Honeybee said...

I agree, Suzzie collections are so fun to group together & show off. Happy Holidays, thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

I'm Sure all my Christmas decor would seem vintage to you. It makes me happy to see your appreciation for old things & old people too. Aunt Barb

Britany said...

My new find is a wooden Noel sign

Steph said...

I have a coffee filter wreath (I made) on my door and green and silver garland wrapped around my porch rails. I also wrapped red garland around my mailbox base.