Favorite {Fall} things!


Yeah, Fall is here! So I'm writing in Orange to celebrate my favorite time of year.
While running errands today I saw a couple of things that caught my eye & I just had to take them home with me.

1-a GiaNT yellow potted Mum
{I absolutely adore Mums, they are one of my favorite flowers}

2- A bunch of "pumpkins on a stick." One of my FAVORITE Fall decorations
{I actually don't know the correct name for them but I love them & get them EVER YEAR!I found these at Costco but I have also seen them at grocery stores}

3- Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!!
{I especially love a pumpkin with a great & unique stem}
These sweet little pumpkins actually came out of the McQuigley pumpkin patch along with these.........

Yep, my husband has been growing some BIG pumpkins this year. They will be picked later this week & taken to the official weigh-off on Saturday.
This pumpkin is named- Charlotte's Pride est. weight around 650 lbs. I think she is a really pretty looking pumpkin.
My girls & I by the other big pumpkin- est. weight around 900 lbs.

It's been fun watching them grow. How would it be to not get upset about gaining anywhere from 5-15 lbs. a day but actually getting excited about that, I should have been a pumpkin ;)

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Tyler said...

I love big pumpkins!