Drumroll please........

  The WiNNER of the "BuZZ" about The Hive & win GiVEAWAY $25.00 Gift Certificate is....... 

** Marky *

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the blog, leaving a comment 
{two or 3}, telling your friends on FaceBook & giving The Hive a shout-out on your blogs.  I have the best friends, family & clients- THaNKS!!

Well back to setting up The Hive!
{tonight from 6-9 & tomorrow from 10-Noon} 


* oh, and I'm going to be posting a sneak peek in a bit too!


Lesa said...

Congrats to Marky!

Honeybee said...

Lesa, you're so nice! :)

Marky said...

Hooray!! I am so excited, I will see you tonight.. Thanks!!