Studio 5 wrap up!

  Yeah, Blogger is finally back up & running {well sort of}  

I am ecstatic to have this blog back up & running to share 
this with you all- 

Yes, that's me representing all the {Cultivate} girls & chatting about the 
365 Swap. 
-for more info. about the Swap go HERE-

Thank you so much for all the texts, emails & calls that you sent me yesterday after seeing the Studio 5 segment.  I was a little nervous but it was nice having my "peeps" in studio with me.  
{Haley, Nicole & my Schmoopie Ty}  
That helped so much, having a little cheering section & support group there!  It was a BLaST & I hope to do it again someday.  I was asked to do this because the producer who came to the Swap, Courtney, was going out of town & wouldn't be able to do the live taping.
{LuCKY for her to go on a trip & LuCKY me that I got to fill in}
When I got her email asking me to do this my heart literally jumped into my throat & I thought, "No, way can I do this" but after talking to Ty & a couple of sweet friends I thought, "Sure, why not, I think I can." 
-chatting with the Co-Host before the Show 
-Last minute preparations & info. from the producer Stephanie
Everyone there was very nice & helpful & it was fun to see all the "behind the scenes stuff" . 
{Especially since I am LOVING watching Season 25, is anyone else watching that??} When we sat down to start the segment & I finally got all situated on the stool, it was nice to see Darin & Brooke fidgeting & wiggling into place right before we went LiVE
{I even told them that & we laughed :) } 
-Deep Breath, here we go- ACTION!- 

-Brooke, Darin, Haley, Nicole & I on the Studio 5 set- 
What a great experience!  I kept thinking all day about my one little word for 2011 that I chose way back in January {Flourish} 
 Wow, this whole opportunity was all that & more for me. 
Enjoyed every minute of it! 
Love this picture- I had been eye balling these cookies all morning long but couldn't even think of eating anything before the show.  So this is Nicole & I chomping on some of Haley's FaMOUS Chocolate Chip w/ a little bit of dough cookies.  She was so sweet & brought enough to share with all the Studio 5 crew & they loved them! These were the little cherry on top of the whole experience for me this & Ty taking Nicole & I out to lunch at Fostina's afterwards. 
{thanks, Babe!} 

A memorable {Flourish} of a day for sure & one that I will soon not forget. 



Nana Debbie said...

Melissa you did an awesome job on Studio 5!!! I'm so sad that I had to miss the 365 Swap, it looked so fun... You ladies did a great job hosting it.. I'll see you next week at the Hive.. You looked so cute on camera, just a natural...

Anonymous said...

Way good job!!! Melissa
that was fun to watch that whole segment. Did they offer you a job?

Dave n Bre plus thr3e! :o) said...

You did sooo good!! You looked so calm like it was nothing new, just something you do all the time!! :) so fun!! Great job!! It was so fun to relive that night a little too. You gals are awesome!!

Michelle said...

You were a natural on Studio 5! I swear the second I am in front of any camera I am a studdering idiot! You were awesome and you looked totally comfortable! Plus I loved your outfit too.

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

You did GREAT!! Your hair looked gooood and you didn't seem a tiny bit nervous!

blog n' tell said...

You were FaBuLouS!! It was fun to see you on STuDiO 5!!