Love notes


Of all the sweet gifts I got yesterday, from my girls, the ones that mean the most to me are the simple words written down on a card, painted on a board, written on a redeemable coupon {aren't those the best?} or folded up in an origami yellow envelope.  Little gifts I will always treasure & that are going to be tucked away in my "love drawer," which is a drawer in my night stand that is full of little notes from my family & friends that mean something special to me. 

Hope all you Mother's out there had a wonderful day.
-it really does take a village doesn't it to raise a child- 
I'm grateful for wonderful neighbors, kind friends & members of our community who help to teach my children each & every day.

Off to volunteer in A&E's 3rd grade class. 
Happy Day! 


blog n' tell said...

HandMade love is the best!! Your girls are cute!

music notes said...

I have a little box with handmade notes as well. It is my treasure box.

Jesse crump said...

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, it makes life more substantial