A #25 & a few new emails


  Back to share something that has been a joy for me whenever I get to host a show, like The Hive.  

Anyone who puts an event on  {especially hosting it in your home or yard} knows that it is a big inconvenience it is for your family.  I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful supportive husband & girls who encourage & cheer me on in whatever I want to do.  
I feel like I need to re-pay them a bit & do something nice for them for putting up with all the glitter around the house, furniture being moved around, tables & displays all over the place, pantry & fridge pretty much un-stocked for days & limited space to eat meals each day thanks to my island display.  
{& that's not even the 1/2 of it}

So it's turned into a tradition that I take them out to eat when The Hive is all wrapped up.  

This time we decided to go to Training Table.  The girls  love to order on the phone & wait for it to "buzz" at your table when your order is ready & come on- CHeeSE FRieS & special dipping sauce, it doesn't get any better than that!! 

This is what I get each & every time I go there, the #25. 
{I don't think I've ever had anything different}  
My mouth is watering just looking at this picture. I love it!  
{turkey, bacon, swiss, lettuce & tomato & their yummy sauce} 

Despite the fun of knowing we will be going out to eat after The Hive this is another thing I look forward too.  

It started out with Miss Mace {years ago} signing her name on my email /mailing list.  She would write a "fake" email every time & it was always the same= blueyes10. 
{which funny enough she didn't choose to be her email address- go figure}
Well..... she finally has her own email & she did sign up on my list but look who else is thinking it will be fun to sign up for H&H emails?  That's right my "turtle twins"  Audrey & Emily are getting into the act.  

-By the way, Thanks to everyone NeW who came to The Hive & wanted to stay in touch. I appreciate it!  The largest amount of new clients I've had yet- so exciting!-
When I saw this it just made me smile!!  I love what their "fake" emails are because they totally fit their personalities to a tee.  Audrey= The Star {notice how she writes her A's} & Emily= tumbling queen {yes, she is!}  I think she cartwheels or back hand springs her way around our house more than she walks.
{& I'm NOT kidding!} 
The funny thing about this is I NEVER saw when Macey would sign the sheet it was always a surprise to me as I was looking through it after a show & A&E surprised me too.  Love these girls! 

Oh, traditions, I love you!  The thrill of anticipating something & looking forward to little things that just make it all worth it in the end.  So thanks {Ty, Mace, Audj & Em} for putting up with me & allowing me to do what I love.   


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