Stripe-y garland Tutorial


First of all let me just say that my thoughts & prayers are with everyone living back East & especially along the East coast.    
Hope you are all safe & sound & bundled up under some warm blankets today. 
{Strange to think that we will have record highs here for Halloween, 75, while it's so crazy back there.} 

Wanted to share something fabulous with you today.  Hopefully you might be able to make your own version of this with a few things you have around the house. 
Look at this adorable black & white garland, that is made out of stripe-y straws.  I just love it!  

Items needed:  
string, bakers twine or ribbon 
pack of paper stripe-y straws 
{you can buy them online or at most party stores}
time & maybe a few band-aids to have nearby

1- cut each straw in half & set aside 
{you will need about between 50-100 straws depending how long you & tight you want your garland to be. I used 75 for mine}

2- Cut the desired length of ribbon, string or bakers twine  for your garland & thread the needle 
{use one with a large eye} 

3- Simply sew the needle through the cut straws 
{being careful not to crush the straw or bend it} 
 you'll get the hang of it.  
*also be careful to not poke your fingers. I had a few injuries & band aids at the end of this project so be careful. Those little straws are tough to get through. 

-Orange bakers twine makes for the perfect color combo- 
4- Keep stitching until all your straws are strung together. Space them as close or far apart as you would like. 

5- tie up anywhere & enjoy!  

Group it with a couple other banner & garlands. You can't have too many banners around the house, I say! 

*-*I can't wait to make one with red/white or green/white stripe-y straw for Christmas using my Glitter Bakers Twine I WoN!  Thanks again Olive Manna!*-*

I saw a straw garland at Gourmet Club I attended awhile ago at my incredible friend Erika's house.  She had made one up with all different colors & patterns of straws- so cute!  Such a fun everyday way to celebrate any celebration or birthday. Thanks for the inspiration, E! 
{can't wait to show you all the pictures from that night- it was so adorable.}

Ok, let the countdown begin- HaPPy HaLLoWeEN from my home to yours!! 



Natalie said...

Love the Straw Banner idea - so very clever!!

Julie said...

What a great idea! I'm pinning!! :)

Honeybee said...

Thanks for your comments Natalie & Julie- oh, & thanks for Pinning too!