10.11.12-  {such a fun date!} 

Today's the Day!! 
-So excited about this project- show you a bit more of it later! 
  Back really quick to announce who the LuCKY winner of the "BuZZ" about The Hive & WiN is. 
-** First off, let me thank ALL OF YOU who tweeted, FB'd, liked, commented & shared Hive photos- I really appreciate it.  Such kind, sweet comments that made my day. I have the most wonderful friends, clients & followers!**
{I've even already had 2 friends offer to bring me lunch & one bringing me a D.C to get through the day- I'm truly blessed!} 

Congratulations to ............. 
Natalie Best Steed 
{happy shopping to you & thanks for "BuZZ"-ing!}  

Ok, back to work & setting up all the last little details- my favorite part!!  

Don't forget- Hours of The Hive 
Tonight 5:30-8:00 
Friday 10:00-4:00 
Saturday 10:00-1:00 

-* Hopefully I'll be back to show you a peek inside The {Fall} Hive a little bit later*- 



Staci said...

Congrats. I so wish it was me! So excited for tonight!!!

Natalie said...

YEAH!!!!!! So excited. Thanks so much - I'll see you there in the morning!!!!

Natalie said...

BTW - truly appreciate your generosity in sharing with your fans and friends. Just think you are great!!!

Marci said... was all just awesome! Wish you could've gone out to dinner with time!! So happy that I got to come up.:D