What a day!


I finally have some time to catch my breath & tell you about the exciting day I had on Tuesday. 
{Glad I typed this all up before we got word that school's were cancelled today because of SNoW!!  My plans have changed just a bit ;)} 
It was a busy, eventful day that challenged, surprised, energized, inspired & delighted me to say the least.  Here are a few of the highlights. 

After I had got the kiddos up & off to school, packed everything for my Studio 5 segment & loaded up the car I decided to quick check my email before heading out the door & boy, was I glad I did.  Because lookie at what I WoN!! 
{have you ever seen anything more Fab.u.lous?}
-I saw this amazing bundle of sparkle & twine & just couldn't contain myself.  I shared it all with you on the H&H FB page, entered the drawing on Olive Manna & WoN!
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!- 
& it's on it's way to my house right now. Thanks so much, Natalie!! I cannot wait to make something fun with this. 

Next up was Studio 5.  I love being able to go on this fantastic show.  Every time I'm asked to participate it thrills me beyond belief.  
{Little me, on TV- I mean come on!} 

-These are my NEW, FAVORITE Halloween decorations.  Had such a blast playing around with them all.- 
It's always a pleasure to go one & share things with others that just make my heart sing.  LoVE getting to create! 
{Here's the segment if you didn't get to see it or you live outside of the state} 

Lucky for me I had an assistant for the day to go have along with me to drive me down to SLC, help carry in boxes, keep me calm, take pictures behind the scenes.  
Thanks Ty, you are the best- love you!

  We had to run some errands while we were in the city so we looked around, I did some boot shopping {holla!} & I got to check out the NeW Anthropologie store at City Creek.  
{Hello.... inspiration!  Just walking up to that place makes my head spin, love it!} 

-This is the outside of the store- all different planks of weathered wood- 

-I'm always amazed at their creative window displays & this one with hanging, green colored, string wrapped rocks was amazing to look at. Can't wait to see what they do for Christmas- 

-Thought this bench was cool looking- inspiration!- 
Oh, did I mention boot shopping
-Thanks Ty!- 
{what a guy, I'm one lucky girl!} 

As I thank you {for all his help & the boots} I took him out to lunch at one of our favorite places California Pizza Kitchen.  The 1st time we ever ate there was on our honeymoon in San Diego 12 years ago.  We ordered the Cobb Salad & Chicken Thai Pizza- Yum.E

Something else that made my day was all the sweet texts, emails, calls & FB messages that I received from so many friends & family.  It really just made me so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life who cheer me on.  I loved hearing from each of you, 
thank you so much! 

Oh, & to top it all off I went to my 1st Norwex party.  I've always heard about how great the products are so I decided to check it out.  I'm so glad I did!  I purchased just a basic pack of clothes, came home started cleaning & couldn't stop!  I was having so much FuN!
{yes, you heard me right I was cleaning!} 
I got a smudge, stain, I don't know what it was but I know I tried ALOT of things to get it off the back of my stainless steel  back splash & guess what... the wonder micro cloth+Ty's super scrubbing skills got it off like it was nothing. 
{Hallelujah!! So excited!}  
I even had to call up my friend, N, to tell her how much fun I was having scrubbing the kitchen late at night.  

Have a wonderful day! 
{I'll be inside crafting & trying to stay warm} 


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