I have a craving


It's Time to Feed My {Creative} Soul!!
I've been noticing some hunger pains for awhile now & I think I have it figured out- I'm craving magazines. I've gone away from having them around I think because of Pinterest.
Don't get me wrong I {heart} Pinterest, I think it's fabulous but there is just something about holding a bunch of crisp pages in your hands, seeing all the vibrant colors, the smell of a fresh new magazine & just tearing into it.
{& dog earring as I go}   

I had let some of my favorite magazines subscription expire feeling like it was kind of a waste of $$ seeing how much I look on Pinterest throughout the week.  But I am seriously CRaViNG the feeling of holding some magazines in my hands.  I am just really missing them.  So I recently re-subscribed to Martha & Country Living to get some journalism back in the house.  But it's caused me to wonder...... what else is there? 

So this is an interactive post- I want to hear from YOU
{yes, you reading right now}
??Honeybee wants to know- 
What are your favorite magazines to thumb through? What magazine inspires you?  What one do you get giddy over when you open up the mailbox & see it lying in there just waiting for you to grab,  which magazine just really floats your boat?  
{I've been wanting to try a few new ones but want some suggestions} 
By the way if it's easier to comment over on FB hop over there & tell me about your favorites.  
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-Thanks so much!- 



Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

My favorites have always been Country Living and BHG. I love Martha but haven't subscribed in many years. I also like Sunset because it's about living in the West specifically.

karenc said...

I LOVE Real Simple !

Dru Beecher said...

One of my favorites is Flea Market Style. I find that the whole magazine is full of ideas and inspiration.

Candice said...

I love mags too! It seems like I pick one up each time I'm at the grocery store! I like BH&G, the new HGTV mag, Country Living, Flea Market Style and I also like Women's Day and Family Circle. They are both a little old school, but have a variety of tips and other inspiring things to read.

Honeybee said...

Thanks friends! I love hearing from you & your thoughts make me what to take a longer look at the check-out aisle at the grocery store today.

Marci said...

i love flea market style...i look forward to that one. i also subscribe to country living and have for years and years. sometimes when i feel like treating myself i will buy a where women create or a somerset...those you have to find at barnes and noble most of the time. i LOVE magazines...they are like books to me.

Honeybee said...

Marci, I feel the same way about the treat. Whenever I have to fly I am sure to grab a People magazine as my little treat to take with me. I also love getting Pottery Barn catalogs in the mail to.