So charming it's SCaRY!!


  Back with a few more {late night} shots of H&H stuff that I forgot to show earlier. 
{Probably because I was still working on them until the last second ;)} 

I'm in love with the H&H SpooKyViLLe collection.  I want to move right in.  Such an eclectic neighborhood {but oh, so sweet too!}  Some are embellished with paper & such, some are chalkboard so you can design the look of your own spooky home, some have dominos for doors & others have a little patch of grass out front.  LoVE them! 
{Sold in sets of 3 & you know me & H&H NO 2 look exactly alike.  You might need to get 2 sets to line the whole mantle or shelf} 

 Birds of a feather flock together- I hope you bring some friends of yours with you to The {Fall} Hive too. Some of my featured friends have crowns, others are perched on a colorful block, ready to set here or there
I'm really loving SpidERwEBs lately too.  I think these are just delightful all snug & tucked into a vintage embroidery hoop.  
{Colors, styles all vary but they each web is such to have an itsy bitsy spider in it} 

Hope you like what you see- it's been a pleasure creating & dreaming up these products for you all. 



Natalie said...

Love the crow!! Thanks for burning the Midnight Oil to make us such fun things :)

Anonymous said...

everything is always so cute, and that's why I keep coming to the Hive for my favorite H and H things.
Angela L