Grilling has never been so sweet!


 This just might be the easiest Summer gourmet treat you could ever imagine firing up the grill for this summer & digging into.  
Grilled Glazed Donuts 
{That's right I said Grilled Glazed Donuts!!}
I got the recipe from the May issue of Better Homes & Gardens & decided to give them a try for my girls last day of school- bring on Summer- snack.  
Boy, were we glad we did. They were a super tasty treat.  

-Heat your grill to a medium temperature 
-Place the donuts {bought from a grocery store bakery or from your favorite donut shop} on the grill 
-Cover the donuts with tin foil & leave for about 30 sec. 
{Don't walk away from the donuts!! You don't want them to burn}
-Turn over & repeat on other side for 30 sec. 
- Remove from the grill & serve immediately, all hot & toasty warm.  

 The best thing about these donuts is that grilling puts on a sugary little crust to the donuts but yet they are still warm & doughy inside.  Such a great unusual treat.  I thought I loved donuts before but this just put on whole new twist on them- Yum!! 

-All lined up in the famous vintage chicken feeder, ready for everyone to dig into. Trust me they didn't last long!- 
Give them a try!  They are fun & a great addition to your grilling menu this Summer. Enjoy!! 


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