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Hope I got your attention with this cute pic.  I snapped it on the streets of Salt Lake City late one night after going to a Jazz game with my family.  I wanted to make you aware of a few things going on & coming up for H&H.  

First... of all I wanted you to check out my cute friend, Tausha, on the Craft Channel today.  She is talking about some things that I simply adore- banners!  She is always so much fun to watch & always makes me smile & inspires me along the way too.  

Next... be sure to check back to the blog on Monday because I have an exciting announcement to tell you all about as well as some Pre-Orders for the upcoming Summertime Hive that you can purchase. This is a great way to ensure that you get what you want when you come to The Hive. 
{I'm having so much fun getting ready for this show!
Have you marked your calendars?  I hope so May 16.17. & 18}

Finally... I had a fun time going along with my 2 girls on their school field trip today.  Cute, crazy, full of energy, giggly 5th graders.  {I need an advil!} Seriously, I don't know how teachers do it everyday- they are amazing!! I loved watching my girls interact, laugh & play with their friends all day. I'm so grateful for the good friends that they have. 

  I just had to snap a few pictures on the bus ride home because it made me laugh.  My girls {even though they are twins} are night & day from each other. Emily was busy chatting & quietly playing games with her girlfriends in the middle of the bus 

-Em was sitting in the seat with me.  She has such sweet good friends, so grateful for their kindness to one another.- 
  & Audrey {in the orange} was in the back of the bus with all the boys {& a few girl friends} singing at the top of her lungs, laughing out loud & teasing each other the whole way home.  
  Notice that the picture of her is blurry because they were all moving around & couldn't hold still. 
{hopped up on sugar from the food court I guess}  
It just brought back memories of when I was in school & rode the bus with friends & the games we would play to pass the time.  So fun! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I'll be busy getting ready for Monday {I'm giddy about it!} 


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Mimi Sue said...

So fun! Enjoy every minute with your kids. Their childhood goes by soooo fast. Thanks for the yummy recipe. Sounds like the perfect thing to eat during conference. The mister and I are serving a 3 year guest services mission on Temple Square so we are working during conference for the next 2 years! (since we've already served 1 year) I'll try it out soon. Mimi