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In an effort to have more items on hand at The Hive & not have to take orders & make you wait for your H&H goods.  I've decided to pre-sale a few items before the Summertime Hive
{May 16.17.18} 
-This is Day 1 of the pre-sale reveal- 
{I was hit with some late night inspiration & didn't have time to get it done to post before today- so Day 2 coming tomorrow!} 
Trust me there will be lots more H&H things at the show this is just a preview. If you like what you see order now to make sure you get some during the show.
**To Order email me at  I will print out your order & send you a PayPal invoice to pay.  The items you ordered will be set aside during The Hive for pick up.  If you would like to order something to be shipped let me know & I'll calculate the shipping & add it to the invoice. ALL orders need to be received through email & paid at time of order- thanks! Please don't text me or comment about your order on FaceBook, it's just so hard to keep track of things that way- email only!** 

You know what they say, April showers {I really think it's suppose to be rain not SnoW! Not a happy camper today.}
bring May .....

-Have you ever seen anything sweeter- simply adore these!- 
These charming blooms come in a set of 3.  Each one will be uniquely cute & colorful.  The H&H motto is : No 2 will look alike. {love that!} No having the exact same thing as your friend or neighbor.  Flowers will be available for picking at The Hive. They will be already bundled up for you to grab. 

Posies- set of 3,  $26.95 

-These would be perfect to put just about anywhere to bring some cheer to any spot in your home- 

Magnets sets- $5.50 

This will make posting your to-do list, displaying the kids art work or their chore list so much fun.  Magnets come in a pack of 6 & are brightly colored with an array of patterns to choose from.  

And the newest frame design to hit the H&H shelves. Introducing..... the CeLeBRaTiON frame!  
{Bubbling with excitement over these fabulous things!}  
Can be used for any kind of celebration you want to proudly display in your home.  Your latest family vacation, your cute kiddos, birthday party picture, grand kids, hang up in your child's room with a picture of their friends or a family photo in. Oh, the possibilities! So many uses for this super fun frame.  
{style, color, patterns of polka dots will vary. 
No two will look alike.} 
You pick the color you would like for the trim: 
 yellow, turquoise, green, red, white, lt. blue, orange & coral. 

Celebration frames 5x7 size- $24.00
Celebration frames 8x10 size- $28.00

Of coarse there will lots of other great H&H stuff available at The Hive this is just the tip of the iceberg!! 

*Don't forget to email me your pre-order to & I'll send you a PayPal invoice for payment.  Thanks so much! 
Now for some really BiG NeWS!! 
I've pleased as punch to announce that you can soon shop H&H products each & every day!  That's right H&H is now in a delightful store on in Bountiful,  Whisperwood & Co., right on Main Street.  The reason this is huge is this is the 1st time ever that H&H has been in a store, ever! {Yippee!} I'm headed there this morning to stock the shelves with some goods.  So excited about this new business venture. Time to DiSCoVeR lots of new opportunities.  
-Have a fabulous day! Thanks for stopping by the blog- 



Michelle said...

I love all the fun things you have made! Can't wait to see more! Exciting about the Store! I'll have to make a trip to see it! yippie!!!

Andrea said...

These are adorable! And how exciting that you're in a store!!!! (That's one of my dreams. For someday...!)
Can't wait to see the rest of your treasures tomorrow!

Debbie Thompson said...

Love your new items for the H and H Summer Show!!! Awesome, that you will have your products in a brick and mortar store!!! Way to go...

Mimi Sue said...

LOVE your posies! So fun being in Whisperwood too. Mimi

Just a bed of roses said...

Whisperwood will be a perfect fit for YOU! Congratulations, hope you found some neat things at the flea.