Joyful noise


  It was Miss Mace's birthday over the weekend & when she opened her gifts in the morning a little surprise brought her so much JoY. 
-I love wrapping things in a creative way!  This is a big paper fan flower that I just stuck right on top of her present. It looked so cute!- 
She has waited patiently for a phone for awhile now.  
{Not ever whining, begging or pleading which I was so proud of}
We held off getting her a phone because we felt like she didn't really have a need for one quite yet & we wanted her to learn to communicate with her friends face to face instead of just texting all the time. 
{Learn to do things the good old fashioned way}
But getting more & more on the go & heading into High School next year & all the activities that come with that we thought it was time to get her her own phone.  

I texted some family & friends, the night before, her new number & asked them to send her a birthday text.  
{The phone was already wrapped & turned off} 
-Shhh... That's it in the lime polka dot box with a yellow tassel taped onto it for a bow- 

My hope was that when she opened up her phone, turned it on she would be flooded with texts from everyone.  

Well.... the surprise worked & she was so excited!  It was so fun to watch her pure joy, happiness & squeals of excitement when she realized who the messages were from coming in one right after the other. 
+Plus,it was a great way for her to get every one's contacts into her phone. 
{2 birds with 1 stone ;)} 

Just watch this little video of her opening up her phone.  I just love it.  My favorite part is at the end when she says, 
"This is great, this is great!" 

It truly was a great time to watch & capture the moment of her being so thrilled.  Actually, I don't know who was more excited her or Audrey & Emily. They were pretty pumped about it too. 
-1st official photo taken with the new phone!- 
Just had to show off one more cute done up package for the birthday girl.

-I'm in LoVE with using old fabric patterns & washi tape. Such a cute packaging duo. Don't they just make everything HaPPY?-  



Michelle said...

Yay! I'm sooo excited she got the phone! I hope you got my text Mace! Happy Birthday sweetie! I love all the wrapping ideas Meliss!!! :) Cute!!!

Honeybee said...

Thanks for the text you sent her, Michelle. She loved it, it was such a fun surprise!