Confessions of a Honeybee


  Ok, here it is.  I'm almost embarrassed to share this photo with you but since we're all close friends I guess I will. Maybe even some of you are in the same boat as I am when it comes to this problem too. 
{Please, tell me there are some of you out there & I'm not the only one?} 

So..... here is some of my current make-up stash. Hmmmm..... yeah, it's time to re-vamp, re-fresh & get some new cosmetics.  BUT.... I want a change.  I have been happy just getting my make-up at Target for years{don't get me wrong} but I think it's time that I get some different make-up & try to mix it up. Change is good, right?  
-Seriously!  My eye shadow fell in the sink this morning busted off the top & totally cracked the light shade & it crumbled all over.  Not to mention the blush is on it's last leg & the little sponge on the applicator came off to. Not looking good!- 
Here's the deal, I have wanted for some time now to go get my make-up done at one of the big fancy stores to get some advice & learn how to apply make-up in a different way & buy a new product or two. But every time I walk in {or even by the stores} I feel a little intimidated, scared & usually end up walking right back out.  
{Maybe I should ask a friend to go with me & do lunch too ;)  Anyone, anyone??} 

So I'm asking for some help & advice from all my fabulous H&H blog friends of where I should go. 

-?So HONEYBEE wants to know?-  
1-What & where is your favorite place to shop for make-up & why do you love it?  

2- What should I buy.
Do you have a favorite go to product that you must use each & every day that you just adore?

3- Is there a brand out there that you love more than another & if so where do you get it? 

I NEED help people & I was hoping you could all help me out a bit. I would appreciate your comments & suggestions.   
P.S.- I'm serious about a friend tagging along with me {or 2-3} if anyone is interested let me know. I think that would be fun to get some makeovers. 

Thanks so much- I feel better getting that off my chest.  
Thanks for listening & hopefully being able to help me out.  I've LoVED reading all the suggestions for what cookies to make for Mr. Hector over on the H&H FB page.
{You still have time to hop over there & enter to WiN!}  



Jacoby Cv said...
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Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Yes, I posted a comment in my sons ID. So, to repeat myself (with a little more. I'm talky like that). I like MAC. Also ULTA will do mini makeovers. I would go in and ask for something specific like a new eye look or the perfect blush for you. I live in Davis county so it would be fun to go and play!

Julie said...

I love shopping at Sephora...they will do a makeover for you, or they have lots of samples and you try things out on your own with no pressure. But I mostly LOVE my subscription to birchbox - I get beauty samples in a cute box in the mail every month to try. (SO FUN).

ABSOLUTE favorite products? Mascara - Benefit - "They're Real", Eyeshadow - Mally's Evercolor shadow stick(most amazing eyeshadow EVER, but you can only buy it online - or from QVC)

Lately I have also really liked The Balm Cosmetics "Stainiac", and Stila "Smudge stick" eyeliner, and Stila lip GLAZE

Candice said...

I was going to suggest Ulta as well. Is there one in UT? I had a makeover there and tried a bunch of new products I hadn't ever tried before- like Urban Decay eye primer and Lorac powder foundation.

Honeybee said...

WOW- thanks everyone. I'm excited to give some new things a try. You're all the best, thanks!

Tausha said...

I didn't read anyone else comments...cause I'm lame. I just have to hurry up and share my big old opinion with you! Mac...all the way girl! Me and you, we will make a day of it. We will go to city creek, eat lunch and then go to the MAC counter at Nordstrom. I would love it if you pick me to take you makeup shopping! You are going to love it!! Text me....

Diana W. Windley said...

I'm a Clinique girl. I left my Target-bought Almay about 7 years ago and made the switch...first for skin care then went hook, line and sinker for the make-up. I started with a makeover at the Clinique counter at Macys, but now I just buy it online when they have their free shipping promos. Unless it's Clinique Bonus days, then I'll head on over to Dillard's and stand in line because it's usually worth it for all the free stuff.

Anonymous said...

From LaRae

Ok Melissa you know that if I was there I would totally be the friend that would be taking you out to lunch and do make up. Ha!! Ok since I can't I love MAC makeup I use all their stuff except eye shadow and that's because I have my new palate I bought from Sephora when I was in Utah in January. Stila smudge stick and lip glaze are great too. Oh how I love make up. You also have to force yourself to throw away!!!

Love and miss you!


Paddy Cake said...

I was introduced to Bare Essentials by my cute daughter Ashley over a year ago. I love it and went in and did a makeover and now I just buy online. You are beautiful inside as well as outside. I would take you with no makeup anytime.
Aunt Barb

Cynthia said...

MAC is the only makeup! My husband bought me all MAC makeup for Christmas. It is a small investment, but once you have it last FOREVER! I love how they apply and stay. You have to use very little of their products which I love. I hate buying things once a month. I feel like I am wasting so much money. I also set up an appointment at Macy's during the week and during the day for a makeup lesson. I found that was the lease busiest time and I wasn't intimidated. You can't go wrong with MAC!