Where to begin?


  It's July already?  Wow, where did the month of June go?  I have so many thoughts, posts, ideas & things running through my head right now that I want to share with you all.  I'm struggling because I really do love to share things in the order that they happened.  BUT... there have been a few amazing things happen as of late that are super exciting & fabulous that I want to share with you first.  So I'm trying to figure out how to tell about them on my blog.  
{Just curious do any of you bloggers out there struggle with that?  Don't worry I'll figure it all out I'm sure! ;) } 

In the meantime here are a few things for sure I want to share with you today.  

SWaP pictures are up & posted over on the Cultivate blog.  Please go over & take a peek at all the fun we had at the Carnival inspired Swap this time around.  It was a total party from start to finish.  
-The Cultivate girls & my dear friends- Becky, Sheryl, Haley & Nicole. Love these ladies!!- 
P.S. If you think that looks fun & want to be a part of it next year {it only comes around every 365 days you know}  just simply click on the follow link on the right of the blog.  That way you'll stay up on all the latest info. & updates concerning how you can get a ticket to join us. 

I heard the sweetest compliment that night from a friend who told me that the Swap "Was like Pinterest LiVE!"  Seeing all the amazing, little details & touches that just make everything fabulous. It was so kind of her to tell me that, I loved sharing that with the other Cultivate Girls. 

This is just about the cutest book ever!  Did you know that I LoVE History & that I even majored in it at college?  Well I do!!  John, Paul, George & Ben {written by Lane Smith} is such a clever & charming book about our fore fathers & the Revolution.  {Not to mention the adorable illustrations} It's a family favorite & if you have little kids I think you should have it in your home to read this time of year too.  
{Do you have a collection of books for certain seasons or holidays?  We do, & we only get them out when such occasions arise. Kind of fun that way.}
-Just had to take a picture of Audrey snuggled up by the flag pillow reading this morning.-

Thanks for stopping by- be back soon!  


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