I'm back!  Sorry, we've had some technical difficulties 
{a bottle of water spilled on the keyboard :( }  
so I'm using my hubby's laptop to announce the WiNNER of the weekly giveaway a little late.  
Thanks to everyone who commented & played along.

Congratulations... Jen Bowles!! 
{WiNNER of the Random party supplies giveaway- YiPPEE!} 

Jen, email me your address so I can get this in the mail to you. 


Ok, once I get the computer up & running I'll be back.  Still lots to show & share with you & another Giveaway in the works! 

-Have a wonderful week!- 



JenBowles said...

Thanks Melissa!...You are so sweet to do a fun giveaway!
I sent my address to your email.
Yeah!...I can't wait to make the super cute suckers w/ my kiddos and use the banner & cute straws for a party!
Thank you Thank you!!!

Natalie said...

Awesome Jen - Melissa she is my next door neighbor - how fun!!!! You are such a sweetheart to share your fun crafts. Love your inspiration :)

Honeybee said...

Oh, my gosh- small world, what a fun neighbor to have for both of you! :)