I'm still "BuZz-ED"

{photo courtesy of my friend, Janelle.  She took it & posted it on Instagram at #thehiveboutique25 to be entered for a chance to win $25 at the next Hive!} 

Whew... what a night at The Hive last night.  I had a a hard time falling asleep so much energy & excitement! Thanks to everyone who came- such a great time!  So appreciative for you all & the hugs, chats & things you do for me & say.  Really they all just make my day & keep me going.  

 I wanted to post some info. about the shirt I was wearing last night.  I got so many questions about it & nice compliments. I really was flattered that so many of you thought I stitched on the lace sleeves to my shirt, I wish I could do that or even think of doing that but... um, no!  I bought it that way ;) 

I bought it from Downeast 
{one of my favorite stores} 
& good news you can order it online too.

The Hive goes again today from 10-2 & tomorrow 10-3. 
{New stuff arriving each day!} 

*Don't forget if you come, take a pic of anything of The Hive & post it on Instagram at #thehiveboutique25 you'll be entered for a chance to win $25 to spend at the next Hive- so fun!  Thanks everyone who has posted pics all ready, I love seeing them all!


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Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

I was hoping to come last night but my tiny got sick. Hoping I can make it up tomorrow!!?? Your shirt is sooo darling and everything looks like so much fun!