What we've been waking up to


    My husband came up with the idea of making our 3 girls a big breakfast every morning before school.  
 This is something new & different in our home. We usually don't have a sit down, eat all together, hot breakfast every morning.  Usually just cereal, smoothies or toast was the basic everyday around here. Because #1 is on the bus at 7:00 a.m. & the other 2 leave for the bus around 8:10. 
{Our breakfast today- Waffle Wednesday!} 
-He even sets a place for me to eat with the girls.  Loved that he sliced the strawberries this morning, he's the BeST!- 
So when he told me his idea it surprised me a bit. First of all, he doesn't really cook & I thought to myself, "Ok, great this will probably last a couple of days"  but here we are on day 8 & it's still going strong. He's even laid up in bed at night researching new recipes to make for the girls on line & writing down his own grocery shopping list. {what the what?!?}
-A great way to walk out the door to HS every morning for this one.- 

-Happy, hungry girls- 
One thing I know about my husband is when he does something he does it right!  No half way stuff, he is all in to a project when he sets his mind to it.  {Love this about him!} 
That being said this isn't just an ordinary breakfast it is complete with place mats, glasses, nice dishes.  
{which are set out every night before bed to cut down on the prep time for cooking & getting breakfast all ready} 

-He sets out the girls vitamins every morning too.- 
He doesn't just give the girls yummy food but also gives them some spiritual food as well. Each  morning he gives the girls & I a little spiritual thought for the day.  
{We all have loved it!} 
-Vitamin C & D as well as some scripture power is a fabulous way to set out for the day!-

Todays message came from Matthew 6:20-21, a good powerful message to think about.  That's also found in the Book of Mormon.  {3 Nephi 13:19-20} 
We had a great discussion with the girls about these scriptures this morning.  

So grateful to have him in my life & for all the sweet little things he does for our family everyday & especially in the mornings now.  It's such a fantastic way to start off all of our days.  
{Thanks, Ty!  Can't wait to see what you cook up tomorrow} 



Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

That is just way too adorable! You should try pumpkin waffels sometime. I made some this last fall and it was a nice change up.

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

That is awesome. I actually ran into T.Q. at the grocery store getting this weeks ingredients.

Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

...Also you should let us know some of the top recipies that you and your family love for breakfast.

Amber Sargent said...

What a great tradition! and cute dad. Love this!

Amy said...

How cute! I wish I had the energy to do this in the morning, maybe I should start going to bed earlier...

Mimi Sue said...

He's definitely a keeper! Looking forward to the Hive next week. Mimi

Designed Decor said...

Wow, I am impressed! Very good role he is setting! I hope to meet you at Snap!

Staci said...

So so so sweet. I love this idea.

Natalie said...

Love it!!!!