Mantle Monday


 I've excited to announce a new segment to my blog called- 
Mantle Monday. 
The 1st Monday of each month I'm going to take a picture of my mantle to share with all of you.  Thanks to my friend Nicolle {who lives up in Boise} always wanting to know what my mantle looks like because she knows that I change it out every month.  I always take a picture with my phone & send it up to her & we love to discuss & break it all down ;) 

?Honeybee wants to know- Do you change out your mantle every month? 

-So here is our mantle for the month of December- 
{I love the little houses I have up here because they each light up. I'm glad that we put an outlet on the mantle so I can plug them right in}

 My favorite part of the mantle- my #25.I found these great wooden numbers years ago in a clearance bin & snagged them right up.  I haven't painted, stained or done anything to them {like I have for H&H to sell} - I like the well worn look.  
{even the masking tape around where it had cracked from being used as a pattern are original to them} 

- A mix of this & that- bottle brush trees, little vintage homes, an old snowflake tree topper, old metal ceiling tile, my favorite glittered postcard & a skinny red bench. 
Happy that I get to enjoy this mantle display all month- can't wait to see what January's will look like. 



Anonymous said...

I only change my mantle out at Christmas time, but maybe i should start doing it monthly to keep it interesting. I love the way you decorate, and you have inspired me in so many ways. It totally makes my day when I see your pics of how you decorate your house. I love it!

Hohley said...

Honeybees are the key element of life on Earth.

Nicolle said...

I see the post now! I do enjoying breaking down our mantles. I did not know you have an outlet on the mantle. What? That rocks!

Aleshia said...

I haven't changed out my mantle monthly-usually just at christmas time but what a great idea.

Where did you get the cute bench? I would love some!