Putting things into perspective....


  Ok, I'm having one of those Bah-Humbug kind of days {maybe it's due to trying not to have sugar today} & to make it worse I went out to get the mail {which is one of my most favorite things to do each day} only to find junk mail starring back at me! Augh... that usually never happens in December {& it shouldn't!} so as I was stomping back into the house feeling a little in the dumps I stopped to think for a bit. 
{1st of all I shouldn't complain because I haven't even made, written or put together a Christmas Card this year & who knows if I will get around to it}

I need to be grateful for: 

-a client {who has quickly become a sweet friend} who brought me a little gift today as she came to the H&H sale. 
-my health that I can walk out to the mailbox each day. I have a dear friend who is suffering right now & she reminds me all the time to be grateful for my health. 
-watching the snow falling outside & paper snowflakes
{& all the scraps of white paper around reminding me of my creative kids}

- a kind neighbor who shoveled my sidewalks & drive-way today for me 
-that I have a warm, cozy house to be in
-my Husbands job that he gets to do something he enjoys 
-this little guy {Mr. Olly} to keep me company during the day
-Peace & safety.... 
the list could go on & on.  Hopefully by typing & getting it out there it will help me snap out of it - we'll see!

Hope you are having a good day & finding something to be grateful & happy about. 



Becky said...

I hate days like that, nothing should come in the mail but wonderful holiday greetings. I had the best mail day I got that wonderful picture frame. I have been moving it from room to room to pick the perfect spot. I made my son and his friend say how wonderful it was in several places before they could play the wii. Thank you for making my mail day!

Anonymous said...


Nicole Garner McConkie said...

You are such a good example to me. I needed to read this post. I could stand to find something good about my day as well.

Honeybee said...

Thanks friends! Becky, I'm glad you had a fun trip to the mailbox today- enjoy your H&H frame! A- you're so sweet & Nicole, maybe we should have gone to that midday movie lunch we've been talking about. We need to get that on the calendar & thanks for letting me borrow shortening & eggs for the cookies tonight, what would I do without you next door? ;)