Oldies but Goodies!


  I'm a sucker when it comes to anything vintage {it must be the 70's in me} but it just takes me back to my childhood & wonderful memories.  As I was unpacking Christmas boxes this year I realized that I had started a collection of Vintage Christmas record covers & Golden books. I just adore the colors, design & pictures in the books & on the record covers.  

I love to place the record covers here & there for a bright pop of color & a little nostalgia.  
-By the way notice who made the NiCE list this year}

The books I like to have around & read with my girls or even place on a shelf or the mantle too. 

So you can imagine my surprise when I got this last night from my sweet friend.  I just about died! It was packaged so cute & 2 of my favorites things 
1- Julie Andrews 
2-  Mary Poppins 
{bonus- another record to add to my collection}
Thanks Tex!! You know me so well ;) 

I had a fabulous evening last night with a home full of fun friends & lots of tasty food. I'll be back soon to share pictures & recipes. 
-The hostess after the party with about the cutest, glittery-est ribbon I've ever seen. I just had to make it into an accessory!- 

*{Here} is a cute vintage inspired blog I've stumbled on that is delightful. 


Julie said...

That album of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Fred Waring brought back a flood of happy nostalgic memories. Every Christmas Eve my dad would play that song on the piano while we would sing along. I LOVE that song. It is tough to play on the piano, but so very fun to sing.

lesa said...

I thought about you all evening. So sad I couldn't be there. I bet it was super fun.

I clicked over to that vintage blog, so cute!

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

What the bow?! Glad it was a success. The ribbon as from Evan's. Do you need me to pick some up for you?

I have that record too! We need to get out Dad's record player.

Honeybee said...

Yes, It sure looks like it's from Evans' one of my favorite places to visit & WiSH I lived closer. You might need to get me a couple of yards. LOVED the green ribbon that V used on her gift.