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  I {heart} Pinterest! {Have I told you that before?}  It is such a great way to be inspired & share ideas with others. I love to get on there every time I need a creative BooST {which was yesterday!}  Here are a few of my FaVoRiTE things I saw yesterday & by the look of it there were alot of people that agreed with me because they were re-pinned LoTS of times. 

*Oh, one thing I will say is it pays to DiG a little bit deeper.  I have really started to take the time to "find the true source" to get the pins from rather than just pinning from the person you follow {unless they are "the source"}  It's always amazing when I click on the "Pin" & then find the exact blog the image came from what other fabulous things are there to see & I usually pin a bunch more stuff.  
{If you haven't "pinned" that way before try it & I think you'll like it!} 

How fabulous is this cupboard- not to mention the green color. I love it! 
{& wish I had it in my home!}

Are you serious!? How divine is this cake?  You can have your choice-white, milk or dark chocolate. What a genius idea!  P.S. I know that dark choc. is better for you but I'll take the milk chocolate ANYday
Which layer of goodness would you choose? 

What a cute little guy! He just makes me smile.

Are you as inspired as I was by them? If you were than just don't "Pin" these images off of my blog click on the image & keep clicking until you get to the blog that the pin originated from. {So the real people get the credit} 
*Thanks to Heidi for leaving a comment telling me where the original snowman came from. I guess you hope that someone that "pins" onto their blog gives the proper credit where credit is due especially when you can't go back any further to find any other sources- it happens. 
You are always welcome to "PiN" anything you like from my H&H blog onto your boards. I hope I post pictures that might inspire you.  I enjoy seeing images of my home, decor & pictures of my products popping up here & there on "pinboards".  THaNKs!  It always makes my day :) 

Happy "PiN"ning!
{now who wants to make me that cake & bring it over?... ;) } 



Heidi said...

I totally agree with you on the issue of pinning from original sources! Which is why you might want to know that the little thread ball snowman is actually from, rather than the blog you linked. :) I know this because he's so darn cute that I pinned him myself a while back!

Honeybee said...

Oops... thanks Heidi! Here I was thinking I had gone back as far as I could to get the little guy. I'll have to change it- thanks!