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12.12.11- {Ooh, that will be a fun date to type next year!} 

We are in full Holiday mode in our house & still counting down to the BiG day! Only 13 more days are you ready? 
Day 12- A picture of my daughter Audrey in 2006 baking Gingerbread cookies to put on the Christmas Tree- 
We have made our traditional {from a box} Gingerbread House. Really, I should get up the nerve to make & bake a ReaL Gingerbread House next year especially after the beauties I saw last month in North Carolina. 
See what I'm talking about {here

-Audrey focused on the finishing touches of her peppermint stick log stack- 
-The cutest & freshest smelling roof around- Mint Choc. Chip Gum sticks!- Mmmm! Em had the idea to dust the roof with sugar for the perfect finishing touch to the house-
The girls also got to decorate graham cracker houses yesterday that are now on display on the mantle above the stove in the kitchen.

-Love the colors of these little houses!- 
-Remember the tip I gave you in the last post?  Use household baking supplies as a substitute for faux snow.  Here I used sugar & rock salt- 
The girls & I made these delightful little cookies on Saturday night.  Very festive & fun to make! 

-A full bowl of goodies to use for the cookies.  Love the color combo of turquoise, red & white- delightful!

{To get the cookie recipe above- just click on the picture to be taken to Pinterest & the link}

Miss Mace made this cake for her Aunt's Birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Manda!! 

Looking ahead this week:

Audrey, Em & I got invited to a little cookie exchange party {how fun!} We will be making & taking 3 doz. Gingersnap Cookies
{my Grandma Hall's recipe- yummy!} 

Miss Mace has been hired {by me} to bake 3 dozen Cupcakes for a little thing I have this week. She is super excited to do it! Can't wait to taste them. 

I'm also going to be making some French Hot Cocoa to have on hand for the Holidays.  It is super tasty & the ReaL DeaL.  I was given the recipe by a friend a few years ago & always enjoy making it during the winter.  
{I'll share the recipe & pics later this week}

And... last but not least I'm cooking up a H&H SaLE! 
{tomorrow from 10- Noon} 
-A cute wreath will welcome you to the SaLE! There will be some of these for sale too!-
All remaining Christmas items will be marked down 20% 
-Frames, boards, tiny tins, Christmas memory game, paper & yarn wreaths & Holiday blocks will be for SaLE-  
as well as all remaining 2011 inventory up to 50% off. 
-Hope you can come over!- 
Don't forget that Leila Bird will be having a sale too right next door- so hop on over there after stopping by here!
-I just had to mix in a jingle bell on the wreath- because it's one of my favorite Holiday sounds- 
Have a wonderful day everyone! 
?Honeybee wants to know- what are you cooking up for the Holidays? 


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Nicole Garner McConkie said...

What a good idea to use gum. All the houses look so cute.