I forgot- 1 more Countdown to share


 Oops... I can't believe I forgot to show you another way we love to countdown to Christmas in our home.  It is an H&H original chalkboard 5x7 frame - we have put it up every Christmas for quite awhile now.  I'm happy to say that they are still popular because I had a friend come over yesterday {into my H&H Store/craft room} & place an order for one- HooRaY! 
- I especially love it this year because of the cursive handwriting- so sweet! Gotta love 4th graders in the house.-

The frame is perched on our stairway ledge {one of my favorite places to decorate by the way, kind of an unexpected delightful space}
This way the kids can erase & write the new number on their way up & down the stairs each day- it's the perfect little spot. 

I went to Costco today & purchased 2 Holidays staples around here- Pistachios & Clementines- bring on the Holidays- Yum!

?Honeybee wants to know- What do you just have to have in your home to munch on during the Holidays?



Candice said...

I LOVE candy cane Hershey kisses and pepermint taffy. Yum! My kids and husband aren't big candy eaters so it's mostly me that eats all the junk. I guess that's good - in a way. I love clementines and pistachios too. I need to get some!

I love that frame!! So cute!

South Girl in the West said...

anything CHOCOLATE!!!! we really love making buckeye balls. and we are like you we look forward to the clementines each year. super quick and easy snack, and easy for the kids to peel themselves.

super cute countdown frame

Honeybee said...

Believe me there is plenty of chocolate around here too! Ok, South Girl- what are buckeye balls?