Let the countdown begin.....

  Happy December everyone! 
Many of you know that I look forward to the 1st day of every month & getting to turn over the calender to welcome the start of it.  Especially the month of December- so many fun things around here to count down with. I think my excitement for counting down to Christmas started with the paper chains I used to make in Elementary School with bright red & green construction paper
{Does anyone else remember those? Do students even get to make them anymore? I hope so!} 
My Mom would always hang it on our dining room chandelier- the anticipation of watching it get shorter & shorter..... so FuN! 

My favorite countdown now is something I made a few years ago & have added to it each year.  It is a photo flip countdown calender & it's filled with pictures of our family celebrating the holidays of years past.  It is always exciting to flip a page over to see what memory we see that day.  
-Day 1- The Quigley's in 2002, taken by the fireplace in our old home. Oh, my girls were so little- 
-Filled with so many wonderful memories of Christmas' past- 
The other fun advent calender we have is the magnet board hanging from the black shelf in the mudroom.  The girls like moving the magnet each day before they are off to school.  

Thanks to my Mom we also have a Lego Countdown to work on this year- {something new for our house of girls}  they are looking forward to doing it.  
{Thanks Mom for always giving the girls something to countdown to Christmas with} 

?Honeybee wants to know- What do you do in your home to count down to Christmas?

Hope you have an "advent"-ful day! 
- Happy counting down to the Holidays- 



Natalie said...

I love - LOVE your count down photo book - that is so cute - I think you inspired me to make one :)

Natalie said...

Oh yeah...and our "count down" is a little magnet board in conjunction with any countdown the kids bring from school (paper chain, Santa cotton ball beard - etc ha ha) But our favorite is... we wrap all our Christmas books and each night the kids unwrap one and we read it under the Christmas tree and sing carols.

Honeybee said...

Great idea about the books Natalie. We have a big stack of favorites too- I never thought of wrapping them up so we don't know what we'll be reading that night. Thanks for the idea :)

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

Oh cute, am loving these ideas. My favorite countdown we have at our house is tiny little mittens and hats knitted together on a garland to stuff with tiny treasures, one for each day until Christmas. It is one of my favorite things to pull out of the Christmas bins. It was purchased from Garnet Hill. They have some cut things.

Heather Williams said...

I have admired your blog for some time now. I am a cousin to Nicole M. and just love your style, your organization, your happiness for life, and well just...everything! What fun detail you always incorporate into everything! Paper chains are a classic (in fact we need to make one today). we also read a story every night and pick a treasure inside a window from a little wooden gingerbread house my mom gave my little girl last year. So fun! Keep up the fun reading them daily.

Honeybee said...

Ahhhh... Thanks Heather! Yeah, for being brave & leaving a comment. Glad you stop by my blog & for telling me the connection. So glad your cousin built right next door to me, don't know what I'd do without such a great friend next door.

The Skiing Wallaces said...

You know what- I don't think the kids do make those construction paper chains anymore and I miss them! Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to hunt through the cupboards for construction paper. The Wallace's are making some tonight!!

Jan said...

Just purchased last month the Junk Drawer Advent calendar by 2 gypsy's amazing. I love paper chains too. A young man I work with did a stupid thing last year and had to go to jail for 90 days. He was on work release so everyday he got to come to work and had to go to jail at night and weekends. I made him a paper chain to count down his days..hahaha. When the chain got shorter, he could see light at the end of the tunnel. I love your photo book.