Take a peek


  Came across this charming message today & wanted to share it with you.  I love anything vintage inspired & retro looking
{the whole kitchen, her darling dresses & don't even get me started on her glasses... adore}
 but even though it is depicted in a different time the message still remains true today.  
{*Oh, pause my playlist before you start the video-the music in it is charming too} 

I love the whole message of this little video.  I know I need to try to keep my own windows  a bit "cleaner" & not pass judgement on others.  
{sometimes easier said than done but it can be worked on}
 I remember the first time when Pres. Monson shared this story & I'm glad it's been put in a darling video to watch & remember the message again. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Sabbath day today.



Amy said...

Thanks for that Melissa. It's been a hard week, and though it may not have anything pertaining to this message, it reminded me how much I need to keep the spirit with me.
You have a good day too!

Honeybee said...

Thanks Amy- me too! Hope you have a good week. I'm sure the Vintage Fern would love living in that kitchen ;)

Anonymous said...

From LaRae...Great message neighbor and friend. Love and miss you and your family.