I {LoVE} Mail!!


  What a fun day to walk out my front door & go to the mailbox.  I opened the door to see a big package lying on the porch- couldn't believe my eyes that it was my order from ThreePotatoFour.  
{Already?! I just ordered it on Monday- I WiSH all companies would send orders out that fast, that would be nice!}
I ripped open my package & are enjoying all my new vintage things- giddy! 

Then once I got over the excitement of that, opened my mailbox to find this waiting for me inside- 
Hip Hip HooRaY! 
My birthday month is almost here- that means I'll be off to Anthropologie to spend my coupon, so fun!! 
{with my other June B-day friend, E!} 
Anthropologie always sends the cutest little thing along with the coupon too- love the little clock, my time indeed! 
{plus, I want to have a GiVEAWAY of some kind for my birthday month, still trying to figure it out. I'll let you know ;)} 

Hope you got something fun in the mail too. 
If you did... let me know, I'd love to share in your joy. 



Nicole Garner McConkie said...

I want to come see what you got. ;)

Honeybee said...

Oh, come on over!! :)

Courtney said...

For someone who loves packages as much as you do, I'm surprised you haven't discovered amazon prime. My paper towels come via UPS. Coconut oil, maple syrup, and cacoa powder are good finds from amazon too. My only regret is that I didn't discover it sooner because the UPS man was really cute when I lived in Michigan ;) Hmmm.... the I get lots of mail, but the last package I got was a tie from ebay for D.