Goodbye... May!


  Wow, has May really come & gone so quickly?  I can't believe it. Just wanted to share my excitement for the 4 WiNNERS that will be coming to the Swap. 

Looking forward to meeting you 
{those I don't already know but soon will} 
& getting our Swap on!  It's going to be amazing!  The Cultivate girls are having our last meeting before the Swap on Monday in my front yard {Yeah, we are doing it picnic style this month around}  Should be fun to sit out on the lawn in the shade & discuss all the little details, can't wait. 

Here are a few of the pics from the drawing.  Check out the Cultivate blog if you want to see if you were one of the LuCKY 4 drawn.  
-How cute is that tin by the way?  Love it!  Thanks to the talented Haley, one of the Cultivate girls, she is an amazing photographer- check out her work- 

Also thanks for all your interest in the Pre-Order items for the Summertime Show
{I better get busy filling orders!}  
You have until the Saturday to place your order by.  
{ want them guaranteed by the Summertime Show to pick up} I have LoTS going on next week so I need to put a cut off date on pre-orders so DON'T WAIT get your order in SOON!! 

Goodbye May & Hello.... June 
{my B-day Month, Hooray! Anthropologie is calling me!}  
& the Summertime H&H Show on June 14th.
{6-9:00 p.m. in gorgeous Mt. Green @ 4011 Lilac Lane} 

Have a wonderful day- I'm off to embrace summer & go to the pool with my girls today.



Julie said...

I caught my breath when I saw the picture of the Charles Chips can. Those were my dad's favorite chips and he used to order those on occasion. I'm not sure why they needed to be ordered, but they were. A can just like that often sat up high in our front closet. I was happy for the happy memory this morning.

Honeybee said...

Oh, thanks for sharing that Julie. I wish they made things like they used too. I would love to have a pantry filled with these canisters instead, so charming.