Challenge extended....


  got in touch with me last month & asked if I would like to participate in a crafting challenge 
{of coarse I said, Yes!}  
& a couple of days later I received a package in the mail
I opened it up to find what my challenge involved... 

-Martha Stewart Craft Stencil pack.  Ooh, I've never really used stencils before so I was super excited!- 
I always love something from Martha!  Tune in tomorrow to see what I decided to make with it.  
{Thanks Producer, Mindy for asking me to join in the fun!} 
There will be 4 other talented, creative ladies participating in the stencil challenge to, I wonder what they came up with. 
{Plus, I can't wait to met them all}  

For all you Utah locals: Channel 5 tomorrow at 11:00 
For all my out of state friends: Don't worry I'll post the link to the show later on. 
{I'd love it if you would watch!} 

Ok, it's going to be a BuSY day tomorrow- besides Studio 5 I'm going to be back to share something exciting with you all.  
{Trust me you're going to want to know about this!} 


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