Look what's coming up.....


  Yippee- HooRaY & Happy Day! 
Just wanted to show off the 1st thing I have EVER created in Photoshop completely on my own.  
 {hopefully the 1st of many, many more things to come}
I know it's pretty basic but Wa-Hoo! 

I had fun playing around with the text & move tool 
{that's about it so far!}  
I can see this easily turning into an addiction for me, once I figure all the fun little details out.  Be sure to mark your calendar & plan on spending Flag Day up at the Summertime H&H Show.  There'll be lots of 4th of July goodness for SaLE along with fun Summertime things & lots of frames for pops of color inside your home during the Summertime. 


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gillar girl said...

So cute Melissa! I can play and play for hours in illustrator--it is so fun! I'm sure with your eye for lettering and colors and pattern, this is just the beginning of many delightful things!