A DOodle, FraMe & a STaR!


-I just have to say my H&H followers & friends are the BeST!- 
  Got this picture in my inbox today from a H&H blog follower & it made my day.  Remember this post?  

-Such a cute little doodle of my family room. GLobe & everything!- 
Well.... sad to say I still haven't done anything with that space yet but I thought it was so nice that one of my readers took the time to sketch this little doodle of what she thinks I should do.  
Isn't that the sweetest??...... THaNKS a bunch {H}!  

Then {while typing up this post} got a text message with a picture attached from my friend {T} who was the WiNNeR of the last H&H GiVEAWAY. Showing me the darling photo she found to put in the turquoise H&H frame she won. So cute!  It's been such a fabulous morning- I LoVE hearing from you all. 

I'm off to go see the STaR of the show {my Audrey} in her play, Rapunzel, tonight. She has worked so hard & is super excited to have all of us see her hard work up on the big stage tonight. Can't wait! 
-Audrey by her STAR on her locker this morning wishing her luck tonight.
A little blurry I know- cell phone pic.-

Hope you are having a wonderful day so far today too!