Let the weekend begin!


Isn't that sign the cutest- I just might have to make me one of those.  So cheerful & fun- love the yellow color.
{by the way, how cute is that website name? Love it, must be the teacher in me}  

Thanks to my hubby I got to go enjoy my early Mother's Day gift today, a Cucumber Melon Pedicure {it smelled so nice} at one of my favorite local spa's- so sweet of him.  
{Thanks Schmoopie!} 

-Something NeW for me- I went with the COLOR of the YeaR- poppy orange.  Usually I go with Hot Pink but I decided to embrace the 2012 color!- 
Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend &
Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there.  Especially to my Mom, Grandma Hall, Ty's Mom & all the wonderful examples to me of Aunts, Friends, Neighbors, Sis-in-laws of what it takes to be a fantastic Mom.  
-Love you all!- 


** Oh, I almost forgot- I'll be back next week to announce the dates for my next H&H show 
{+ some pre-SaLE items you can order!} 
an upcoming Studio 5 appearance, a little project I did over the week & more - Yippee! 


Nicole Garner McConkie said...

I am loving the new look of your blog! super cute toes too. Thanks for the cookies and the chat tonight I am feeling much better.

Honeybee said...

Good- that's what friends are for, a listening ear & cookies on hand to share ;)

Lesa said...

I like your new font! Happy Mother's Day!