More inspiration

  Still contemplating on what to do with all my 
New found Old black & white photos 
{thanks for your comments by the way} 
I came across this image today that really inspired me- I have some old cream colored shutters {that are up on my mantle right now} that I might just stick & tuck the pictures into to  display them.   I like the idea of them all bunched together into one big display. 

Then I came across this fabulous photo & just adored the whole color scheme!  
{kind of a modern twist on the whole Halloween color scheme} 
I love that I have some grey/blueish pumpkins in my house right now. We grew them right outside in the back yard- adore them!  I love the uniqueness of the pumpkin color.  
Honeybee wants to know? Do you have any unusual pumpkins displayed on your porch or in your home this year?
 If not you really should- there are so many fun unique varieties out there. Ones with warts & bumps, some with big fat stems, white pumpkins, green ones, Cinderella shaped ones. I could go on & on! They might be a bit more to buy but totally worth it.   

{Don't you just love Mr. Owl in this photo- so pretty & those eyes- wow!}

Happy when I feel inspired by color & see something pretty.  I'm grateful for the eyes that I have to see all the beautiful colors around me each & every day- I'm so inspired by it. 


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