The Hive- application info.


If you've ever wanted to "bee" a vendor at The Hive, it's your lucky day. I have 3 shows coming up & looking for a few new fresh faces to add to the mix of already great recurring vendors.

The Hive is a gathering of local makers & creators all under one roof, ours! It's a charming market that is open a few times a year.  Since it's in our home only a handful of vendors participate making it a quaint shopping experience. I carefully invite vendors that I think will go well together for each show.  I pick "a theme, a look"  that I want each show to have & then select vendors that go along with what I have in mind so that The Hive is cohesive & vendors goods play well off one another.  This is the 7th year of The Hive, it has grown so much over the years!

>>>The 1st Hive up is the Summer Celebration Hive {this is NEW!} This show is in conjunction with my business turning 17 years old this year.  I can't believe it! Thinking back on sawing, painting & sanding in our basement, of our 1st house 17 years ago,  & it's grown into much more than I could have ever imagined so I want to celebrate it.  The show will "bee" the evening of June 16th & Saturday June 17th.

>>>Other Hives I have coming up are some of my favorite! Love the seasons they coincide with & always very anticipated by shoppers.  The Fall Hive {Sept 21-23rd} & The Holiday Hive {Nov. 9-11th} These shows FILL UP FAST so even though they are a ways off, please still apply now.  Deadlines to apply: Fall- Aug. 1st & Holiday- Oct. 1st. 

A few basic facts about the Hive: Each Hive has an entry fee attached {Varies by show} & 12% of your total sales is kept. The Hive is a central checkout. Which means you only have to come set up & take down.  I try to use as much of the furniture, in our home already for vendor space, but you may be asked to bring something for your set up, as well.

If you'd like to apply here's what I need from you- 
-Send 3-5 pictures of items you make & would bring to The Hive as well as a short description of your business to my email, honeybee58@gmail.com {*If you're interested in the Summer Celebration Show, hurry the deadline to apply is May 9th} 
-Instagram or website 
-Please indicate which Hive or Hives you are interested in applying for.  

If you're selected, I'll send you an entry form to look over, fill out & return to "bee" part of The Hive.

Thanks for your interest!  Look forward to hearing from you. Now I'm off to start working, dreaming & preparing for The Hives coming up.  Lots of ideas in my head!