Inspiration in the city, brought home


I got a big taste of spring & loads of fresh inspiration while in the city one day recently that I want to share with you.  I love when inspiration hits you at unexpected moments, don't you? 

So I have this friend that loves Trader Joe's, we went together once & it's kind of become a fun outing for us to drive down to Salt Lake together, shop & then grab lunch somewhere.  We're both kind of foodies {her more than I} but both appreciate good food & willing to try new places.  We also have a little side kick who tags along with us, my friend's daughter, M.  She is such a cutie & the best little cart pusher for me, every time. 
-Such a great display of Delicate Arch, use of license plates for signs & honoring Utah. Very cool! - 

Trader Joe's is always inspiring & has tons of eye candy galore.  From it's decorations, packaging & products. 
-Inside out, yes please!- 
 I just couldn't walk away from these when I saw these. Carrot cake in cookie form, genius & scrumptious! 

After shopping at Trader Joe's we always work up an appetite.  Over the years we've enjoyed pistachios & blackberries on pizza {ate here more than once, we liked it so much!} brunch, toast with delicious unique jam, fancy hot cocoa's so we are always up to try anything.   We found a foodie spot right down town called, The Rose Establishment.  
-The awesome neon sign was the 1st clue this place was unique!The Rose is located at 235 400 W. in Salt Lake City- 
Right when we walked in I was in awe.  So much to look around at & take in.  One thing that makes me happy is when old spaces, buildings are turned into something new & fabulous.  
-Everything in this picture!  The old wood, the floors, subway tiled walls, vintage glass. I could go on & on!- 
This corner, very cool!  Different styles of flooring, neat & unique shelving unit. Something about mixing wood & metal together is such a classic look!  Even the restroom sign was neat & PS I wish I would have taken pictures of the bathroom.  It was an old elevator shaft turned bathroom, awesome!  
 Still thinking & dreaming about this corner!  Modern, fresh yet vintage & classic.  Just everything about it. I now want a round table, mismatched chairs & subway tiled walls.  

After looking around, taking pictures & wanting to sit at every table in the restaurant, just to take in a different view, we ordered.  This is definitely a hip, foodie place.  I went with the ham & cheese sandwich which came with a very different but tasty tarragon, sweet pea spread.  My friend had an interesting beet sandwich & little M go the most fancy, schmancy PB & J. Different but all really tasty. 
{should've taken pictures of our food but didn't, oops!} 

 Little known fact about me- whenever I see words on the floor, I'm going to stop & snap a picture of them.  I don't know what it is but I enjoy it.  Maybe it's just taking the time to recognize & take note of something rather than just quickly skipping by, little M just decided to jump! 

-Didn't get these but next time I'm going too!  Looked delicious!- 
On our way out after lunch we just had to take a picture of the vintage sign out on the sidewalk.  

 Love taking the time to try something different. Seems to always turn out delightful. Now time to take that inspiration home & apply it.   

When I got home, unpacked & looked at all the fresh, yummy stuff I bought at Trader Joe's I thought it would be fun to have a salad bar lunch with a few of my friends that I exercise with 4 mornings with each week.  

I don't know about you but lunch time is the hardest for me!  I want to eat healthy, I really do but it's hard to make something fresh for just one person during the day, sometimes can be a lot of work so I usually just grab what ever is easy & convenient.  I NEED to do better!

This Salad Bar lunch was just what I needed!  Lots of color, options & friends to eat with.  I provided all the greens for the salads & everyone was asked to bring a few of their favorite toppings for the bar.  
-Use # 45 for my vintage chicken feeder.  Just lined it with some sheets of parchment paper & piled it high with lots of greens.  LOVED how this turned out! It's all about the details. - 

I also contributed to the toppings, I couldn't resist.  Served them up in a vintage mini bread pan.  Each in their own compartment, ready for dishing up.  
-What's your go- to, must have salad topping?- 

My salad!  So good & loaded with lots of yummy, healthy things. PS- the Godess Salad Dressing from Trader Joe's is delicious! 

Hope you enjoyed this post about my recent travels & lunch dates.  Wishing you all a tasty! 



Dianne said...

Loved your post. THANKS!!!

Honeybee said...

YOu bet, thanks Dianne. Love hearing that someone is actually out there. You made my day, thanks.