My One Little Word 2014


I know I've been hinting for awhile now about telling you my One Little Word for 2014.  I've done this for the past 4 years & truly believe in the idea that one little word can have a big impact.  I see it come into my life in so many ways throughout the year.  It's an incredible exercise & I encourage you all to give it a try.  At the end of the year I like to look back at the word I choose & see how it quietly seemed to guide me.  Each word is so dear to me with many wonderful memories & feelings connected to each one.  I'm extremely grateful for that 8 lettered word I chose in 2013 & for all it brought into my life.  

Here's my list of past OLW's.


I don't take picking a word lightly, I really give it some time, thought & even prayer on what I should pick. I like to have the word present itself & for some reason this time around has been the hardest to decide on. 
{patience has never been one of my best qualities, I guess it's something I need to learn about} 
The word I've chosen has lots of meaning & I'm excited to see where it takes me this year. Like I said this word took awhile to present itself to me but the moment I saw it & thought about it I got butterflies in my stomach. 
 {that's a good sign!} 
It sums up perfectly the thoughts I have as I approach 2014. 

Oh, the possibilities!! 
MOVE- get up & do, take the first step to make an idea a reality, make a calculated effort to reach a goal, don't waste time, act now, move closer to my Savior, move to becoming more compassionate, move towards being a better wife & mother, create the organized steps to work towards an objective, don't get stuck in a rut, move to be more healthy, move away from the sugar! 
{haha, I need to think this after the Holidays} 

The list could go on & on.  I get so excited as I type all this out, something inside me is just bursting to get ready & MOVE towards something better in 2014.  

When I think about words to consider for the new year, I always start with a list of possible words, ones that just jump out at me & then slowly whittle it down until only a few remain.  I like picking words that are verbs, something showing action, it's very inspiring to me. 

With only a few words left on my list, I asked myself what I wanted to accomplish this year & the theme of doing, moving towards my goals, & accomplishing kept coming to my mind.  I always have lots of grand plans {& small everyday things too}in my head but getting them to become a reality is a different story.   Taking those little first steps & moving towards what I want to accomplish are sometimes the hardest for me.  It can be as simple as calling the repair man to come fix our broken ice machine.  
{It's been broken for months & I LoVE ice!  Why can't I get this crossed off my list? }
Augh, seriously I struggle to get things done sometimes it's easier to just keep pushing them off.  I'm hoping this One Little Word will help me get going & remember that it's up to me to MOVE towards what I want to accomplish. 

Saw this quote & liked it.  
Just what I needed to hear. Time to look for other ways to get things done, using old methods in the past won't open the new doors that I want to.  MOVE & not just sit & dream or think about things but actually get them done!  Actually put my thoughts into action & MOVE from point A to point B get the ball rolling & then just watch it roll! 

Thanks for reading & letting me share my OLW for 2014 with you all.  Hope it has inspired you to pick a word & see where it takes you this year.  If you pick a word each year I would really love to hear from you. Leave a comment & tell me what your word for 2014 is.  I'm always inspired hearing from you.  
{If you don't know where to start on picking a word. 
Go HERE for long list of amazing options!} 

Happy Monday & here's to a wonderful 2014!
-looking forward to sharing posts with you as I MOVE through the year ahead- 



Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Mine is going to be 'Reach'. Reach further to accomplish goals. Reach to take the next steps. Reach to grasp the things I have never been able to.

Honeybee said...

Love it! Thanks for telling me. :)

Vanessa Hall said...

My word for 2014 is 'Strive'. This year I want to strive to do more and to be a better person.

Natalie said...
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Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

i have loved the OLW concept for many years - it is amazing how one little word can encompass so much. My word this year is NOURISH....
I hope with both had a great journey with our words in 2014!

Pieces of Us said...

I have never done this before but am so excited to do it this year. My OLW is "Brave". I don't know where it will lead me but I hope it gets me where I want to be by the end of the year.

Honeybee said...

Dear Peices, what a great word! Glad you're giving it a try. Can't wait to hear what you discover that it has helped you do at the end of the year. Happy 2014!!