Yes, it's true!


  I get asked this question all the time.  "Are you in a commercial?"  "Hey, I think I just saw you on TV?"  Yes, it's true I'm in an American First commercial that you may have seen if you're local.  I laugh all the time at the emails & texts that I get. Usually late at night or on the weekend.  Apparently they like to air during the local news, Jazz games at in the previews at the movie theatre.  

It all started when my daughter, Audrey, told her Dad at the first of last year that one of her goals was to be on TV by the time she was 12. 
{This girl has some BiG plans, let me tell you!} 

We have a friend in advertising & talked to him & he said if he had anything come up he'd let us know.  Well.. something did come up but they needed adults to do it & people to sing.  So thanks to Audrey's big dreams I got roped into being on the commercial too. It was fun to spend the day with her.  She has always LoVED the camera & the spotlight so she was willing to skip out on school for a bit to pursue one of her dreams.  

Watch the clip & see if you can spot us.  There are 2 commercials out there but this one is short & sweet. So take a look! 

Pretty fun!  What made it ever better was sharing the screen with a few of our neighbors & friends too.  Even though Audrey & I just hung out in our kitchen & didn't get to go to the beach or out to the movies it was still an awesome experience. 
{Thanks, Mighty Clever!} 



Mimi Sue said...

I might need your autograph! Mimi

Natalie said...

How fun! Love the singing :). And seeing Nicole too! I was in an America First commercial about 16 years ago saying "free checking". So fun for you and your daughter :)