Come & get it- SALE!!


THaNKS to everyone who came & made my first clearance sale a success.  My storage room thanks you too!  Enjoy all your fabulous new {bargains} stuff!! It was so fun, I'll think I'll have to do it all again next year.  

Good Morning everyone!  Wanted to quickly give you a sneak peek at all the goods that will be for sale during the Clean it out Make room clearance sale today from 10-Noon.  Come in through the red door when you get here. 
{Sorry for the bad lighting in the pics- took me a lot longer than I thought to set up last night} 

Oh, my gosh- I've got a lot of great stuff & at some really great deals too.  I've NEVER marked down H&H stuff before, this is a first.  I just can't store it all & need to make room for all my 2014 things that I'm dreaming of creating.  There is a large selection of everyday as well as holiday items.  
-All plaques only $10 & boards, frames & decor all priced to go!- 
Frames, decor, blocks, stickers, books, boards, letter blocks, unfinished letters, painted numbers.. I could go on & on.  H&H frames are as little as $10- today only!  

Since Christmas was just here there are lots of Christmas items to come grab & stick in your stash for next year to decorate with.  All at move em' out prices too. Cha-CHiNG! 
-It is what it is. NO orders will be taken on any Christmas or Winter items that you see- 

Just because I couldn't help myself from having some current seasonal items in the house a limited selection of Winter & Valentines decor will be for sale also for you lucky ones that come to the sale today.  
-NO orders on Winter items! Sorry. I went through my stash of papers I had & used it all up so I  can't make any more.  Sad I know but they are still super cute. Come get something!- 

-Just because we LoVE the movie, Frozen so much in this house I just had to make a board.  Do you want to build a snowman.... sing along! - 
-Blocks, frames, winter plaques & boards- everything you need to decorate the mantle- 
Ahhh, Valentines Day!  The Love month is just around the corner so I had to make up a few things just for that. 
-Frames, magnets, & more.  This little pink & white frame with the metal XOXO's is one of my favorite things I've made ever!  I have one up in my girls bathroom & it's out year round with a picture of one of my girls in it. I adore it!- 

-Of coarse my latest obsession & LoVE H&H magnets.  Oh, these Valentines ones make my heart swoon! Comes in a pack of 6. The sweetest 6-pack you'll ever pick up- 

Ok, I hope this has enticed you to come to the Clearance sale today from 10-Noon.
4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green. 

Have a wonderful day!

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