Flight of the Honeybee- To Market


 One of my favorite things to write about is when I discover a new, fabulous place & I get to share it with all of you.  I stumbled upon this great little shop last week & haven't stopped thinking or talking about it ever since.  
{That's a good sign because it means it's fabulous!} 
-5 North Main in Kaysville.-

The first time I went in To Market I met one of the owners, Melanie. It was great talking to her & getting to learn a little bit about the story behind the store.  I walked around {& around & around again} & looked at all the unique & fabulous pieces they had in the store.  I spotted something for each of my girls & hubby to give them for Valentines day. So excited!
{I can't show you what I got though, because they read the blog ;) But I'm happy about the gifts I bought & can't wait to give them on Feb. 14th}   
-So excited about my finds that I posted about it Instagram when I got home & was reunited with my phone- 
When I was in the store I realized that I had forgotten my phone at home & couldn't take pictures. {augh.. I was so mad!}  Luckily my daughter had a private tumbling lesson the next night,  just down the street,  so I popped back into the store to take some pics to share with you all. 

-Check out this ribbon wall art that they have on the wall.  The love month is on it's way!- 
When my 2 girls, hubby & I walked into the store we were greeted by the other owner, Holly. I introduced myself & told her I was in the store the night before & just had to come back.  She said to me, "Do you have a blog?" I said, "Yes" & she then asked, "What is it called?"  I told her & she turned her laptop around {that was on the desk} & it was opened up to my blog.  How cool is that?  I was so thrilled!  We both laughed & then begin to chat & visit.  
{Really, so many funny little coincidences, connections that I truly believe I was suppose to met both her & Melanie.  It's kind of weird actually all the small world things that we have in common, but really, really cool at the same time}  
It was a fun to get to know her as well as my girls shopped the store. They have a fantastic selection of vintage things as well as new.  A great mix! 

What makes me very excited to tell you about this store is that not only does it have a great inventory but inspiring decor as well, everywhere you look.  Oh, that really gets me!  It's like getting something 2 for 1.  Melanie & Holly have put fabulous little touches everywhere around this incredible space.  You might have to walk around a couple times like I did just to take it all in. 

-I really, really want this map.  Better save up my pennies!  It's gorgeous!- 

I wanted to mention that not only does Melanie & Holly run this store but they also paint & refurbish furniture. They paint things to sell at the store &  paint things for clients too. 
{Something to keep in mind if you're wanting something in your home repainted} 

 Loved this simple floral arrangement on top of a table.  Pretty glass jars of all shapes & sizes filled with greenery & blooms. So sophisticated & charming.  They also do floral arranging too.  Seriously, these 2 ladies are multi faceted & amazingly talented! 

Ok, this might just be my favorite thing in the store.  When you go in make sure to look up!  There are 3 amazing custom light fixtures that are incredible.  A glitzy, sparkly chandelier in a old metal tin that the inside has been painted gold.  So cool & interesting!  They cast the most amazing shadows on the walls too.  Love these! 

A little blurry but I just had to get a picture of the GiaNT LOVE letters that are above the door.  Wouldn't you just love to have these in your home or at a party.  So fabulous.  Oh, I forgot to mention they also do weddings too.
{I'm amazed at all that they can do! They do it all}  

-Mace & Audrey had a great time shopping with me & found the cutest little stackable rings to take home with them- 
 Thought this sliding workable door was awesome in the back of their store.  Behind this door is where they paint the furniture & things, very cool. 

I'm so glad that I have somewhere to check out while my daughter is at tumbling every week now.  I'm excited to see what To Market has new & unique each time I go in. I'm sure I'll always be inspired by something they have in there. 
 You should stop by the next time you're in the area.  
To Market
 5 North Main in Kaysville 

Hours:  11-6 
Wednesday- Saturday 
It's been fun getting to know Melanie & Holly.  They both came up to my Clean it out & Make room sale {which was so sweet of them} & when they came in we discovered even more funny little connections that we had to each other &  learned that some of my clients are their clients, which was fun.  
{*Hoping to have them help me out with something at The {Springtime} Hive that is coming up soon... March 13, 14 & 15th to be exact.  Stay tuned & mark your calendars!} 

Happy Shopping!  They're open tomorrow until Saturday so head in there! Tell them the Honeybee sent you. 
-You can check out their FaceBook page {Here} - 



Mimi Sue said...

Isn't that the cutest store? I'm just a couple of blocks away (on 1st south)so I'm able to go whenever I want! Mimi

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

(Please change your comment text...I can't read it w/ out tons of squinting!!) I can't wait to go to this darling land of fantastic!! Thanks for the tip!

brock said...
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Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Love that place! It's amazing and the lights are my favorite.