My broken heart & Hector's broken head


  For those of you who know me well or who read my blog you know how heart sick I am by this picture.  {Poor Hector!}  This happened on Sunday afternoon & I was heart broken!  I was reaching in the jar for a sugar cookie 
{darn that sugar & these cookies they are the BeST- recipe HERE} & his head slipped out of my hand & broke into  7 pieces.
{Could have been worse it could have been 100 pieces}   

I posted it on Instagram & one of my sweet friends posted - "Owl, pray for Hector"  So sweet.  I got so many kind, nice & funny comments from caring friends.  I even tried to joke that Hector had a splitting headache but I felt bad even saying that.  Really, so grateful for lovely friends who knew I was sick over this little guy.  

Once the shock of what just happened was over I called my neighbor & ran over to her house to grab some e6000 & got to work repairing Hector.  
{Thanks for having that on hand, Nicole} 
With the help of Miss Mace we were able to take care of Hector right away. I'm happy to say that the operation went well, Hector rested comfortably & has been recovering nicely.  

He has been put back under glass where it all began. 
{For safe keeping for the time being.}
 Read more of how Hector came into our home, HERE
 Don't know if he'll permanently stay on display & live a life of a "fancy" cookie jar or not but I think his days of being used as an everyday cookie jar are over. I just can't bear the thought of something else worse happening to him. 

Here's a closer pic of this cute little guy.  You can see the crack in his head 
{the chip was there when I bought him so I don't feel bad about that} 
This is now his good side, the back doesn't look as good.  But he is still a happy face to look at. 

It really is the simple things in life isn't it.  Who knew that a cookie jar could bring so much joy into our kitchen.  I know I shouldn't love "a thing" as much as I do but if loving Hector is wrong I don't want to be right.  

-From a photo shoot I did last year with my friend.  Hector got into the action- 
Thanks for reading & humoring me for a bit.  I know there are much more worse things going on in the world today but on Sunday afternoon this was a little tragedy in our house.

Hope you have something in your home that fills you with joy & brightens your day.



JenBowles said...

:( Oh Melissa!....that is SO sad! I am so sorry! He still looks great and now you have another Hector story to share for generations. So glad he wasn't worse! HaNg iN tHeRe!

Honeybee said...

Thanks Jen! Hope to see you at The Hive next week.

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

Melissa, when I saw that on IG I was so sad for you! I know it's just 'stuff' but I think it's perfectly okay to really love some of our stuff! And to be sad when it meets tragedy. LOL I'm glad you were at least able to glue him and that it wasn't worse. He still looks cute!

Mimi Sue said...

It's a miracle! So glad Hector's doing well. Mimi

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I use craft paint to fill in chips all the time. Try it on Hector's head! No really!