A Dream House Pin!


  I was wondering around the wonderful world of Pinterest today & came across something that caught my eye & took my breath away.  Oh. My. Gosh!!  Friends, I need this wall in my house.  How cool would something like this be.  Are there any vintage pop bottle collectors out there drooling over this picture like I am ?  

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Oh, the amazing possibilities that this picture has inspired. You can bet that I pinned it to one or more of my boards.  I even spy a few of my own bottles lining those shelves in the picture & dreaming of a few of them that I WiSH I had.  So cute.  Check out the curves of those Coke bottles, hello!  Don't make things like they used to that's for sure, & that's a shame!

Happy Saturday everyone. Just had to hop on & share something that simply knocked me off my feet today.
{I'm doing well & made it through the night after the devastating loss by Duke yesterday. Thanks for your concern} ;)


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