"Goodie"- look what came!

Goodie-Goodie- gosh!  Look what arrived today- I was happy to open the door & see the Fed Ex man standing there holding a big box from the delightful candy company that I love. 
{I've told you before that I am an importer of Gourmet Candy right?- I feel like it sounds fancy to say importer- haha ;) } 

Anyway look at the yummy goodness  that will be available to purchase at the Hollyhocks & Honeybees Fall Show.

Super delicious assortment of  Fall Caramels, Spooky Sour gummy mix & the delightful Halloween mix filled with this & that- just look at those pumpkin faces! 
I asked for some help {awhile back} to decide what to order - remember?? Go {here} to refresh your memory.  I said that 1 lucky person would get a sampling of the Halloween/Fall candy that I ordered in & the WinneR is......... 

Blog N' Tell 
{Congratulations- Christa W.}
Hope you can keep these around until Halloween- yeah right!  They are so good you are going to want to dig right in- enjoy! 

Don't worry.... I haven't forgotten about the Christmas Candy either- so when I get that in I will draw again another lucky person to receive some Holiday Sweets. 

I always LoVE to share something SWeeT! 
{& better yet eat something sweet ;)} 


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blog n' tell said...

HoORaY...It's a haPpY day! My mouth is aLL loOks so YuMmY! And I caN'T believe I won! Can't wait for the boutique you have such darling things!