What I wore Wednesday

I look forward to posting this every Wednesday & I like having a reason to get up & dressed in the mornings 
{I go HERE each Wednesday} 
But... I do need to work on doing my hair- each week it's pulled back into a pony or bun. I'll work on it.  I get up on Wednesday mornings at 5:30 to go to Zumba at 6:00. 
{Bright & Early- I Know! } 
You'd think getting up & doing this I could be put together by 10:00 right?  When I get home from the gym there are kids to wake up, breakfast to make, lunches to put into brown paper bags or vintage lunch boxes {I'll post a picture someday} & get everyone dressed & out the door to catch the bus not to mention getting myself ready- augh, one of these days I'll be on top of everything.  
I love a white shirt!! It goes with anything & a great necklace- a perfect combo!

So long story short I look forward to Wednesday's for many reasons- 
1-Up bright & Early to see all the stars still out- it was GORGEOUS this morning! 
2- Getting dressed up for the day 
{usually it's sweats, shorts or my favorite old jeans} 
3- Going to the Sisters in the Scriptures class & leaving it each week feeling re-newed, empowered & grateful for all the blessings that I enjoy each day & having the 
4- Getting to take a picture of myself in the mirror & sharing it with you all. 
5-  & today having yummy leftovers to eat for lunch
{which usually never happens} 
Taco soup 
-Must be Fall because we got out the Little Pumpkin bowls to eat our soup in last night.  It's always fun to get these out in Sept. & use them until Thanksgiving- 
& an amazing, tasty, scrumptious Apple Crisp that Miss Mace made last night for our family. 
{I LoVE having a 13 yr. old around who enjoys cooking & baking so much - ahhhh!} 


Now off to go on a walk around the block with my friend & then home to finish a bunch of last minute details for the 365 Swap Round 3 being held tomorrow night- I can't wait!  
[Don't worry I'll post pictures later or you can go here to see some too} 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 


The Skiing Wallaces said...

Just had to say that this Wednesday you are looking especially SKINNY! Good gracious girl! Hope it was a great day!

Honeybee said...

Thanks Mandy you just made my day! It's all an illusion {the cardigan covers everything up ;)} I'm working on it though- if I could just not love sugar so much- dang it!

AML said...

I also love white shirts and pretty long necklaces, however, I never wear them coz I have large breasts and don't want to make them the center of but it really looks good on you.

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I vote you are looking little too! OOO can't wait to hear about the SWAP and see the pictures!! What a beautiful nite it was to SWAP too!! To bad I missed it!! Happy Fall!

Heidi said...

so sorry I missed the swap last year...does that mean I missed my chance to get another invite? I hope it went well, sounds fun!

Rachel Penrod said...

Yeah, that outfit was way too cute to go walking in! I looked a little more dressed down from you in my running clothes! Let's go again on your "sweats" Day!