Hello... September & thanks!


  Good Morning everyone!  Hope you are excited to greet a new day, a new month & turn over the calenders & start fresh.
{I always have new goals, things to do, accomplish & look forward to each month- bring it on!! I {heart} the Fall!

Here are a few things to do on my September list:

1- SWiSS DaYS- tomorrow! Anyone else going up to Midway this weekend?
2-Labor Day weekend- ReST!
3- Having our first PTSO meeting of the year- get the ball rolling! 
4- My sister Becca's B-day- I have a super cute gift to give her- excited!
5- Hosting a dinner at our home from some of Ty co-workers that are in town from 
N.C for a convention.
6- Going to my girls Elementary to hear them sing in a Patriotic Program- I love songs about America. 
7- A {Cultivate} lunch meeting @ Plates & Palates {always so good}
8- Tickets to go see Mary Poppins the musical w/ my girls, sisters & Mom in SLC 
9- BYU football games- Go COUGS!
10- The 365 Swap round 3 {it's going to be Fabulous!
11- Harvesting GiaNT pumpkins from the pumpkin patch & the weigh-off @ Thanksgiving Point {Go McQUigley Pumpkins!} 
-My husbands 2 BiG pumpkins that he harvested last weekend- they are on display right now at Lowe's in Riverdale- 
12- H&H Fall Show on the 29th & 30th of this month- HooRAY!
13- Crisp, cool fall evenings
14- Peaches- Yum! 
15- Making & canning  Jalapeno Jelly & Tomato Sauce 
-What I harvested out of our garden last night- yummy! - 

16- Hike Adams Canyon w/ my Schmoopie {I've always wanted to do this

Just a few things I'm looking forward to- 
Honeybee wants to know- what are you looking forward to doing in Sept? 

** A HuGE Thank-you to you all for making August the MOST-VIEWED month EVER on the blog- that was exciting to see! {Wa-hoo}  Thanks for checking in, stopping by, pinning & maybe even being brave to leave a comment or two. 
{I love hearing from you, it makes my day!} 

I'd have a GiVEAWAY to celebrate but lately every time I do - the lucky winner never responds back to give me their info- sad :(  
{*one easy way to fix this is make sure that your email is linked to your comment so I can reply back to you- it's easy to do}

Ok, Happy September!! 
Have a wonderful day everyone. 



Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

Your calendar is already full up for the month! You are one busy lady, I don't know how you do it all.

Anonymous said...

For the month of September I'm going to Swiss Days on Saturday. If you find anything great i'd love to know which booths to visit. Also my b-day and of course the H & H show. btw did you get my email that I wanted more #'s

Rachel Penrod said...

Hey Meliss! I have been meaning to tell you that you were AWESOME in Annie the other night. WOW! Ryann loved it.
Oh-and my pumpkins...not as big as yours but they are already turning orange. So excited. One is already ripe and ready on the porch. People probably think I am crazy! :)

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Sounds like a fun month. I'm especially excited for number 4. :) I'll call you on Monday when I'm on my way back from Lewiston.

Honeybee said...

Rachel, I saw your cute little pumpkin on the porch last night- darling! When I saw it it got me excited for Fall harvesting & decorating.

Lesa said...

I love September!

You have a lot of fun things going on this month! Enjoy.

(see you at swiss days maybe)

Anonymous said...

Melissa! I absolutely love reading your blog. It just makes me smile
-Megan [Your favorite cousin:)]

Honeybee said...

Thanks Megan! Glad you like to read it :) Thanks for commenting.

camille said...

Dear HoNeY bEe... I love reading your blog, it is very refreshing. Always uplifting!! Anyway, this may be a strange request...But from what I have seen in your cute pictures, I love your floor plan!! My husband and I are going to build next summer, and love your kitchen grand room area. Is there a website or somewhere I can go to get the plan to at least look at it. I know you are busy. Glad you have so many good things to do in Sept. Thats Awesome.
Anyway, Thank You.