Inspired.. & Banner Tutorial!


  I have been seeing these fun banners popping up here & there lately & absolutely adore them. 
{but not necessarily the price though- 12 tassels for $130, what??}  

So I wanted to see if I could make one myself for a little bit cheaper.  I knew we had Teacher Appreciation Week coming up & thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try to make this festive & hip banner.  

So here is my version that I made on a Saturday afternoon.....  

-Isn't it cute??- 
To start - {with cheaper in mind} I headed down to the Dollar Store to see what I could round up that just might work. I walked down the aisles & come up with a lot of great goodies. 
{all for a $ of coarse} 
  I spend $7 total at the store & left with :  a green St. Patrick's day wig, 2- Graduation gold windsocks, a Pink sparkly birthday banner & 2- plastic table clothes {blue & white, I already had a yellow at home I was going to use too}
I knew I wanted at least 5 different colors to work with. 

I brought them all home, laid them out & just started ripping into the packaging to get started.  

The first thing I did was take off the gold sparkly dangling streamers from the Graduation windsock & tied them together to make a bunch 
{I did the same with the green wig & pink sparkly b-day banner} 

Then I folded the table clothes & simply cut into strips with some scissors 
{I didn't really worry about having them all the perfect size since you wouldn't really be able to tell when they were bunched together} 

-This was about how many strips I cut up to make 4 tassles- 
I unwrapped the strips & then cut the long strip in half & then half again.  So I got 4 tassels out of each long bunch of strips 
{you can make them as big or small as you want- but I think the bigger the bunch for each tassel the better!} 

I tied a knot in the middle of each bundle of plastic or sparkly strips & then formed a loop at the top of each bunch, again tying it with twine, to form a tassle look 
 {I used bakers twine to wrap around the bunch} 

Then lay out all your tassels how you would like to string them on your rope or twine, grab the center of your banner, & simply start in the middle working outwards tying the tassels to your banner. 

 I also wanted to give some dimension & variety to the banner so I snipped off a few inches from some of the tassels just so they weren't all the same length as they hung down. 

 Wah-Lah you have a fabulous banner to string up for any celebration or festive occasion.  I love how it turned out!  It's got me thinking about making one for every holiday 
{red, white & blue for the 4th of July, Birthday parties, Halloween.... the list goes on & on!} 

Hope this may have inspired you to head down to the Dollar Store & see what you can rip into & whip into a festive banner of your own- have fun! 
*-Be sure to check out the post below to see where it is hanging up to add a bit of excitement this week-* 


*Oh, & thanks to my sister, V, for being the photographer 
for the day. 


restlessrisa said...

So cute and fun!



Honeybee said...

Thanks Risa, that means a lot coming from someone as crafty as you! :)

Natalie said...

What a super cute idea. Think I might have to look at the dollar store in a whole new light :)