What I saw Wednesday...

4.18.12- {Round 2} 

  This is a new spin on the "What I did Wednesday..."
{Maybe I'll have to do it more often} 

What I saw today...... 
-The station set up before the school's lunch hours- we couldn't keep enough cards out on the table when the students arrived. As soon as we would put them out, they were gone!- 
-appreciation galore being expressed today 
- 3, 7th grade students writing out 10 Thank You cards each!
 - there was so many students wanting to write cards that they had to use the floor as a hard surface to write on

-a whole stack of colorful, cute cards be used up in an hour & a 1/2!
{wouldn't you love to get a bunch of those in the mail?} 
-students coming back to write one card after the other!

-a contagious atmosphere of gratitude at the Middle School 
-more than 300+ thank you be written on cards 
-not enough time during the lunch hours to write enough Thank You's! They were asking if we would be there tomorrow to write more.  So great! 
-students using the wall to write on 

-students working together to write a thank you & taking up every single space inside the card, so sweet! 
-when students are given the opportunity they will take full advantage of it & tell a teacher THANKS for all they do! 
-a basket being filled to the brim of addressed cards for teachers, we need to bring a bigger basket tomorrow to fit them all. 
-This is what the table & area around it looked the whole time during lunch- such great kids! It was an awesome thing to be a part of. I loved talking to each one of them as they turned in their card, telling them thanks & to have a great rest of the day. Totally loved being there today-


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