What I'm wearing {& doing} Wednesday


  Wow, 2 weeks in a row for a what I'm wearing post.  I'm doing good or just excited that I have something fun to look forward to. I'm off to lunch with the Cultivate girls to start planning the next 365 Swap
{Giddy!! More details on how you can be part of the Swap coming soon.} 

-A stripe-y shirt, something new for me since I usually don't wear a lot of prints. NiCE, I guess I should have taken off the pony tail holder around my wrist before I took the picture.  Do any of you walk around all day with one of those @ your wrist, just in case it's a bad hair day? I Do!- 

I'm ready to get my creative juices flowing 
{with the other 5 Cultivate girls}
& dreaming up all the great goodness for the Swap. Not to mention getting to eat some tasty Mexican food.  
{Cinnamon pork burrito, Yum!} 
It's going to be fabulous day, I'm sure!! 


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MelanieBrenchley said...

You are so adorable! I love this shirt!!! And you look fabulous wearing it.